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Power Coaching  with Happiness Coach Bindu.

Bindu awakens consciousness and helps connect to the Superconscious Mind. This one of kind Signature Power Coaching Program (BPC), guides people and companies to re-connect. In particular, with their essence, voice and deep-rooted values.

“This work is equal to years of psychological counseling. I can see the cause of issues that have bothered me for years.” 

Professional, India

What type of empowerment is this?

Power Coaching Mindfulness Management: Coaching with Conscience.

Coaching with Conscience has a spiritual orientation. It is “Coaching the Sub-Conscious mind to connect to the Superconscious Mind.” In short, it is connecting the lower emotions to the unconditional love. A love that accepts and loves us the way we are in essence. In time, this U-Love disarms the Ego. Thus, it is a unique form of meditation. It also includes mindfulness and visualization. As a result, you find inner peace.

Bindu Power Coaching coaches the conscious and sub-conscious mind to connect to the super-conscious Mind.

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“I gained a perspective on my life that I didn’t have before and could see life’s lessons clearly and distinctly.  I was empowered with personal tools to navigate challenges and difficulties and create a positive future of wellbeing.”

Teacher, Cape Town, South Africa

Power Change

For example, when bombarded with daily problems and symptoms we either go to Google, a friend, a professional, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a therapist, etc., to find a solution. However, rarely do we go deeper into the root cause to fix it. In the Bindu Power Coaching Program (BPC), we connect to the superconscious mind to detect where the problem originated. Also its consequences and “fix” it right there. Not only we correct past and present situations but prepare the road for a brighter tomorrow.

“We get at the “root” of the problem and solve it.”

Female Lawyer, Spain

How does Bindu guide the sessions?

Signature Program. Series of Sessions

Because clients often start a program that includes a package of a series of sessions, they witness the Power Coaching effect. For example, the set of meetings strengthen the inner self as they learn to connect to the superconscious mind. And the immediate result is self-confidence, notably in managing life dilemmas and claiming professional rights. Thus, enabling men and women to make decisions from the Higher Consciousness as opposed to their limited ego. As a result, the invasion and control from others come to a stop. However, the spiritual quest varies according to the need of each person and their karmic evolution. But, this inner work liberates them from the “ties that bind.”

“The money invested not only returns to us, but also “it multiplies.”

Female Lawyer, Spain

Customized Power Sessions

The Power Coaching sessions are tailor-made real-time to your “issue” so that we can customize what you need in what you want. At first, through the connection to the superconscious mind, I help you view an unlimited set of solutions. Then, as you progress through the creative visualization process, big problems become small tasks. For example, you discover hidden intuition capabilities — also, the sharpness of your awakened inner eye. Hence, the results of the meetings end up being tangible. For instance, you can witness how you feel in the magnitude of your change.

“It is moving from a small and dark place to the amplitude of a beautiful day in nature, with the broad and radiant light of day.”

Male Executive, Spain

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What do you discover?

Deep Spiritual Coaching to “Burn Karma”

The type of coaching Bindu performs is spiritual. For this reason, it goes to the origin of when and where the “problem” originated and fixing it from the root. So in many cases, life long issues get resolved within one session or a few depending on the karma of the person. Thus, it all depends on how deep you want to go. Indeed, you learn how to connect to the superconscious mind. And results are visible immediately after the first session. In brief, liberation is just a doorstep away. For more on this topic, read Business Healer, Coach, and Guru of the 21st Century.

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“Bindu’s process is analogous to peeling an onion. What’s on the surface of the onion, the skin of the onion, is one’ personality or the way one presents oneself to the world.” 

Teacher, Cape Town, South Africa

Phyllis Krystal Method CTTTB in EXECUTIVE COACHING

Power Coaching
Phyllis Krystal and Bindu Dadlani

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) uses the Phyllis Krystal Method in the executive coaching process. The “Cutting The Ties That Bind” CTTTB Method consists of helping you cut the ties to the old way of being from its root. Also, to any person or personality trait (even addictions), that is impeding you to listen and obey your conscience. This process of transformation creates self-less and enlightened leaders. Thus, creating holistic managerial approaches to old corporate ways.

“The sessions contributed to improving various problems that I had been dealing with doctors without having conclusive effects. These were kidney problems, food, weight, anxiety, muscles, etc …”

Male Lawyer, Spain

Power Coaching with Conscience

The (BPC) Power Coaching Program with Conscience Session is intense. Aside from the CTTTB Phyllis Krystal Method, it includes several other powerful techniques to liberate you. It is a tailor-made solution, customized entirely to the issue you want to resolve. When CEOs encounter Bindu, they enlighten their journey to the unknown path of self-discovery.

“Our energy level rises getting rid of everything that is superfluous and “weighs us down.”

Female Lawyer, Spain

The Power Coaching Program runs in the Subconscious mind

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) Program is unique because it corrects the problem in the subconscious mind. Besides, with the help of the Superconscious mind, we enter our subconscious mind entirely conscious. Thus, re-programming belief patterns, cultural codes, and behaviors that no longer serve our soul. Moreover, it is like installing a new program that helps the solution. As a result, change is permanent. Indeed, the “new code” enhances a type of “superhero power.”

Superconscious coaching, a new code in your brain

After receiving a session under the Power Coaching Program, the “old you” becomes part of the past. The new you will emerge to take charge of your life positively. Thus, creating a boomerang effect over your family and your business. For example, you will learn how to speak to your children and spouse with love. As a result, when managers, work with CEO Coach Bindu, they awaken their spirit into new dimensions of peace.

“We heal chronic diseases and illnesses that are a reflection of somatizations of internal psychological problems.”

Female Lawyer, Spain

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Bindu CEO Coach
Bindu CEO Coach

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) has been developing results for over 20 years worldwide. It is a method that can heal the core values of people, teams, companies, corporations & organizations. It has the power to unleash hidden human potential within.


What does Bindu CEO Coach do in companies?

First, she diagnoses the problems that are taking place in the company. Then, she establishes a roadmap to solve them. Finally, she sets the team in action. Bindu CEO Coach is a “business healer.” That is, she does not stop until achieving the goal entrusted.

“Before I tried to memorize what I had to say following the directions I had previously given. Now I speak. I’m not afraid. I am surer of myself.”

Female Executive, Financial Services Industry

Peace for leaders

BPC studies in-depth unknown variables that affect peace within the rapid digital transformation age. Because these can lead the company to success or failure, Bindu analyzes the components for the benefit of a common goal. The current century is witnessing disruptive innovation, artificial intelligence and the resurgence of competitive emerging markets. Hence, this trend places the current leader in a context of uncertainty. Moreover, this 21-century mindful leader needs, above all, peace. And Bindu Power Happiness Coach delivers it!

Power Coaching

“To coincide with Bindu was a blessing from heaven. Having continued to work with her has brought me peace and serenity to face adversity.

Male Lawyer, Spain

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