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Empower Your Mind with Super-Conscious Inner Impact Method | Unleashing your “hidden” potential
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Inner Peace

Time management, mind management, emotions management, stress management and financial management.

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Decision Power

Effective techniques for making decisions under a prism of self-confidence, security and positivism.

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Working the leader within the executive to generate high performance teams.

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Leading Change

Creating a change-sensitive leader where his own character transformation changes his legal, business and personal environment.

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Honored for Excellence in Professional Coaching

“Ms. Dadlani has helped even the most reluctant people to make total transformations. She remembers one client in particular who had complex issues in managing his large company and his family simultaneously. She worked closely with him to restructure the challenges of his life, and he subsequently became more open to change. Ms. Dadlani was able to help this client, as well as many other individuals, in becoming more results focused and happy from within. She conducts individual and group sessions on positive thinking, positive actions and positive results. She also serves as a keynote speaker at conferences. Clients leave these conferences feeling recharged and ready to move into action” – Worldwide Who´s Who

Empowering Unlimited Success Potential in every mind through Unconditional Love


Inner Guidance
Executive Mindfulness Power Coach

Over twenty years of training into how to connect to the Super Conscious Mind led her to the creation of her own method which she now shares globally. In 2013 she is honoured for Excellence in Professional Coaching awarded for helping people reprogram their subconscious minds to reach maximum potential.BUSINESS SKILLS & STRENGTHS CORE* Success Inner Coach: Coaching your Mind for Increased Intuition. Helping you connect with your conscience to become the Real You. * Executive Leadership Coach: Leadership, strategy, vision and inspiration. * Life Coach: Bindu´s Unique Mindfulness Based Coaching Program: “INNER-WORKING & FOCUS”. * Building High Performance Teams: Bringing out the best potential. * Positive Psychology: New cutting-edge methodology created by Bindu. * Emotional Intelligence: Successful techniques that lead to balanced emotions. * 21st Century Leadership: Leading from within. Connecting with your inner self. * Inner Space Management: Leading change through self-awareness. * Strategic vision: Short-term and Long-term mind mapping. Bindu shares how to control the wavering mind and connect to the super conscious mind to manifest the life of your dreams.

  • Bindu Power Coaching helps people, companies and organizations re-connect with their own voice and values. Importance of self-knowledge for the effectiveness of a great leader, as well as the link between the success of a company and the level of emotional intelligence of their leaders.

  • Bindu Dadlani integrates Mindfulness Techniques into high potential programs. Building Leadership skills through innovative, agile and flexible Super-Conscious mindsets, Bindu sharpens attention, memory, and emotional intelligence.

  • Anger Management, Stress Management, Efficient and Effective Time Management techniques and results. Liberation from external authority figures, Inner Freedom, Self-Confidence, Higher Income Levels, Improved Relationships, Increased Focus.

  • Learning techniques that will enable you to connect with your inner source of guidance & overcome fear. Deepening your knowledge and understanding of how to contact your conscience and ways in which this learning can be applied to your work and personal life.

Fellow, Institute of Coaching
McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate
Certified Professional Coach
Spanish Coaching Association
Phyllis Krystal Method Certificate

Coaching with Conscience

Mastering the Science of Realization of Reality 

Bindu Dadlani

CEO & Founder
She helps control the wavering mind and connect to the super conscious mind to manifest the life of your dreams. She tailor makes solutions based on your specific need and problem. She diagnoses and resolves significant issues in just one session.

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