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Deepening wisdom

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Deepening wisdom. The most profound sense comes in moments of despair, of sorrow, of deep attachment to the outside world.  When we break through the walls of the enclosure, we break free from everything that does not allow us to be and become what we indeed are: love, simplicity.

Relationships that do not bring out the divine power within us are clear bottlenecks to our growth. Deepening wisdom arrives when we go within a few minutes every day, re-connecting with our goals and intentions for life is vital to make sure we are on our road to personal success.

No one is responsible for our lives. We are. Moreover, we are the architects of our destiny. That is, we create, and we destroy. Therefore, let´s design our days aligned with higher goals and ideals to live a life that accomplishes our dreams.

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“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”


Today is all. What we do now will define our tomorrows. What are we willing to sacrifice to gain a better more enlightened tomorrow?

Today is now, yesterday is past, and tomorrow is a consequence of today.

Bindu Dadlani

Who are we essential to? How do they show it to us? Are we been treated with respect? Others are a reflection of how we see our selves inside. What we see outside is a reflection of our inner-self. What are we learning from others about our Selves?

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

Da Vinci

Do we love ourselves enough to create the abundance and happiness we deserve? Or are we still victims of other people fancies thinking that we need to make them happy?

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”


To live the life we want, we need to break free from the excess baggage we carry before it is too late and the luggage carries us instead.

Some tips:

  1. Be clear within yourself as to what is it that you genuinely want. A clue to get there is to find out what would be the thought you would like to have the day you take your last breath. Then, work your way backward.
  2. Re-check how you have organized your days, months and years according to the goal you want to achieve. Are they in harmony with your ultimate goal?
  3. Persevere. In the process, find the tricks your mind uses to take you away from your goal. Be alert and do not allow it to distract you. Be a Master Mind.

As a complementary exercise,

  • Thank every day for the eyes that allow you to see the beauty of this world, the ears that will enable you to hear, the mouth that helps you express and from which you can sustain your body, the hands that permit you to take action and the feet that take you to marvelous places.  Thank every aspect of your life, as that gratitude will bring more abundance and success.

“It´s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa
  • Love, surrender, trust and accept, as Mrs. Phyllis Krystal says, everything that comes your way as a learning experience for inner growth. Do not complain. Instead, take, trust and surrender to the higher forms of life. Whatever the obstacle, overcome it with strength and faith.

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