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Bindu Power Coaching Quotes

One of Bindu´s distinctive signature coaching techniques is to awaken your conscience. She does this through several media. One of them is through writing. Particularly with quotes, written by her higher Self. Here is a pinch of Bindu Power Coaching Quotes:

Don’t follow your spouse. Follow your Self.

Don’t follow your wild impulses. Don’t follow your mind. Follow your Conscience and you will succeed.

Technology can become “trick-nology” if you don’t control what enters your brain.

Use technology for the advancement of your soul.

Eliminate from your life all the ties that bind you. Live in freedom.

Move in the world carefully with the head in the forest, for wisdom and guided intuition.

Success is happiness from within.

Happiness is contentment.

Contentment comes with daily practice.

Join groups of people with a similar wavelength that teach you lessons in personal growth.

Cut the ties with tabus from childhood. Leave the old way of life.

Learn the new way of life: freedom, expression, love in action.

If you don’t have a job, create it.

When indecisive, ask within for answers. A sign will appear. Be alert. Listen.

Love all with no strings attached and your life will transform.

What we see outside is a reflection of ourselves.

Break from the jail you put yourself into. Free yourself.

You can read more Bindu Power Coaching Quotes in her book: “Living in Mindfulness”, on Amazon and her online store.

Your first gift was your freedom to choose. Use it.

Make the life of your dreams become reality.

Say Yes, Yes, Yes. Smile and move on.

Save money, water, energy, and food. Life gives you back what you took care.

Help where the need is evident in an intelligent and detached manner.

Spend some time in nature. It quiets the mind and relaxes the senses.

Work with devotion. “Someone” is always watching you.

Live with joy. It attracts more joy.

Stop criticism and complaining. Two major blocks to your advancement in any field.

Study intelligently. Learn to apply the concepts in practical life.

Face facts. Say the truth.

Bindu Dadlani, Happiness Coach.

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