How to control our mind from negative thinking

Mind Control


Mind control is the first attribute we need if we want to develop concentration. Moreover, it helps keep our conscious mind positive. However, mastering the mind is not easy. Yet, it is the most critical skill we need to learn in this game of life and today´s changing ecosystem. Because negative thoughts waste our energy and deviate us from our goal, this post gives three tips to “tame the monkey mind,” as Phyllis Krystal called it.

Some tips:

1. Observe your thoughts.

When noticing a trace of something that is not loving, immediately detect the cause and possible origins and work it out. Otherwise, the spiral grows ending in physical illnesses and ailments. Therefore, mind control is key.

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2. How do we react to stressful situations?

Let us see ourselves again. People with whom we interact, including ourselves, are the best clues we have to know where our monkey mind is hiding. Are we jumping from one tree to another without serenity or relaxation? Finding a way to stop and control the mind it is the number one priority for the success of our goals.

3. Our essence is love, peace, and truth.

If our thoughts drift away from this state of mind, be sure it is the monkey mind taking control. A clear sign to know our mind takes over is when we are anxious, doubtful, suspicious or insecure. Immediately engaging in any activity that connects us with our higher consciousness is essential to continue on the path to our success.

Coaching with conscience

In, we work consciously and unconsciously with this part of the mind that knows everything. The person learns to re-connect with their super conscious mind. Thus, disarming the monkey mind.

Many times this lack of mind control causes discomfort – preventing the process of the inner work to continue. The person witnesses this through various symptoms. During this process, keeping a sharp mind and a clear direction of where one wants to go is essential to cancel the monkey mind; allowing the super consciousness to flourish.

The self-mind control consists in dominating our conscious mind (monkey mind) that keeps us away from our essence, LOVE.



In Search of the Supreme Knowledge,

Bindu Dadlani

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4 Replies to “How to control our mind from negative thinking”

  1. Thanks Bindu for your tips and for reminding us about the symptoms of the lack of control, which we usually forget and don’t realize until we are already involved in it. Those that we critize are a projection of ourselves, allthough we might not like it. Yes, love, peace and truth are the key words which will keep us connected to our higher consciousness, and therefore, ‘happy’ .

    1. Thanks Maria for your feedback. Yes, while keep connected to our higher consciousness, there is no scope for our mind to control us. Focusing on positive emotions or thoughts is the key.

  2. Thanks a lot Bindu Mam to give easiest of illustrations for the most difficult to UNDERSTAND things in life. its very often we see in life that when we are charged and having positive energies we do difficult tasks very easily .. but when we are surrounded with negative energies .. we wobble in easiest of tasks.we like people who appreciate our actions. i am becoming your fan . with the thoughts you are sharing . Very practical .

    1. Yes, Hemant. With mind control and positive thoughts, everything is possible, even the most difficult tasks. It is when we enter into the negative state of mind, that we lose opportunities and waist out precious life.

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