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What is the true path to happiness?

That which takes you connect with yourself.

Do you listen to others or you listen to yourself?

Are you aware of your breath or you get to the end of the day with chest pain and stress?

Do you know how to manage your emotions?




Unresolved issues, a discussion with a loved one, a justice that makes injustice, a society without values, contrary results to what we hope, a sense of abandonment, loneliness, or selfishness, deteriorates the perception of our reality and takes away our strength to face and fight for truth.

However, we must persevere. There is a way to come out of this. If we think positive, we meet positive people, we go to positive places, we read positive messages, the negativity cannot stay with us.

In this time of “crisis” that we live, it is important to stop and reflect often on what is happening around us. Not with the physical eyes that divide, confuse and obscure the truth, but with the inner eyes of the soul that allows us to see the reality hidden during many after years of untruth.

This reflection will give us the temperance, security and self-confidence we need to achieve our goal. But before it is important to draw it. Once we know where to go, the roads are multiplied, the less thoughtful options are possible, and people bet on us. Everything is within us. To materialize something outside we must first see it inside. What do we see in ourselves?

All we see outside is the projection of our thoughts. Therefore, let’s review the thoughts. Are they of prosperity, wealth, happiness, joy, abundance and / or love?

Just as we think, so shall our lives be.

Bindu Dadlani




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