Heart By-Pass


Phyllis Krystal,  in her book “Reconnecting the love energy” defines the importance of the Heart by-pass, indicating that the feeling called Love is blocked in some way in most people.

“Unexpected acts of kindness and consideration can have a much more far-reaching effect than we could imagine”.

She advises to check our behavior and see if we express kindness, caring, affection and  politeness to others.

“Our lives are so full of mechanical activities that acts of kindness that come from the heart are crowded out”.

As a result, the feeling that is connected with the word “love” is cut off, or by -passed, and cannot be expressed.

She recommends practicing the simple exercise of opening up our hearts and letting the love which is our true being flow out to reach all who are ready to receive it. She assures that the rewards are unexpectedly gratifying. Most people are hungry for unselfish love with no strings attached. When they experience this unconditional love, they can safely open up their hearts to receive it.

“Love is letting got and lightly flowing, whereas lust is holding on and tightly grabbing” – Phyllis Krystal

Bindu Dadlani


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