Cut ties with your excess luggage

Taking responsibility or creating “excess luggage”?

Are we taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions?

Many of us spend our lives bowed down under heavy burdens that are like weighty backpacks. We rationalize this tendency and call it “taking responsibility.”

But the world-renowned avatar & universal human value teacher who lived in India, Sathya Sai Baba and psychotherapist, Phyllis Krystal, when using her method “Cutting the ties that bind,” refers to it as “excess luggage.”

Phyllis Krystal Method

She has developed a counseling method using symbols and visualization techniques that help people detach from external authority figures and patterns. This tool helps each person rely on their own Higher Consciousness as a guide and teacher.

I use her method during my coaching sessions, and the results are visible to my clients. Some of these testimonials are available here.

“Happiness cannot be given to us permanently by anything or anyone outside ourselves, as it has to well up from within from our Source. This source of happiness is called Love.”

Phyllis Krystal

Happiness Coach Bindu

Bindu Dadlani, CEO, and founder of Bindu Power Coaching, management consultant, and executive mindfulness power coach specializes in facilitating large-scale organizational change and different diversity training programs for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and government agencies. She honors for excellence in professional coaching. Even the most reluctant people make total transformations. She provides C-Suite executives the frameworks, roadmaps and unique business models towards strategic thinking, operational effectiveness and unique know-how in the knowledge of the Self while helping senior leaders speed their path to the truth of their mission. She has created an inner impact method that re-programs the mind to connect it to its unlimited potential re-connecting to their intuitive power to meet the unimaginable. Bindu is a thought leader in the Secrets of the Self.

Bindu has over twenty years of experience in mindfulness meditation, personal development and organizational change within. Her unique method, adapting the principles of mindfulness to a corporate environment, create outstanding results from the first session.

Bindu Dadlani es conferenciante de mindfulness y coaching para empresas.

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