Messages from the Heart (I)

Widom Pearls to inspire you into rightful actions.

Come what may, don´t lose faith - Bindu

Wisdom pearls by Bindu Happiness Coach:

Act when clarity enters you – Bindu

Be careful – Bindu

Cancel all expectations and demands from another – Bindu

Daily exercise, meditation & healthy food intake are basic ingredients for success – Bindu

Eliminate from your life all the ties that bind you. Live in freedom – Bindu

Face facts. Say the truth – Bindu

Empower YourSelf. Your life is in your hands – Bindu

Happiness is contentment – Bindu

If you don’t have a job, create it – Bindu

Bindu Dadlani
Message from the Heart (I)

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Come what may, don´t lose faith – Bindu

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