A psychotherapy method that works!

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work.

Benefits of using her method in mindfulness power coaching.

The Phyllis Krystal Method is genuinely one of a kind. In short, it helps break invasion from anyone or anything. Hence, allowing you to live in inner freedom. Thus, I use the Phyllis Krystal Method in executive coaching.

“Relying on the High C as your only authority figure.”

Bindu conducts great sessions using The Phyllis Krystal Method. Also, she has developed an intuitive way to resolve severe problems.

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The bottom line is that clients come out of the meeting comfortably. Thus, they feel they are stress-free and conscious. Hence, they learn to rely on their higher consciousness (Hi C) as their only source of wisdom. The Phyllis Krystal Method does work “wonders” in executive coaching as the majority need to heal their heart. As a result, for some, it is a rebirth. Moreover, it is a real opportunity to go within. Also, to work on their subconscious mind.

Phyllis Krystal trains and certifies Bindu Dadlani.

Bindu is certified by Phyllis Krystal in Munich, Germany. In brief, she has received in-depth training of The CTTTB Method: “Cutting The Ties That Bind.”

Cutting ties
Bindu receives training and official certification from Phyllis Krystal Method.

My beginnings.

I met Phyllis Krystal in 1997 during my college years in Boston. And, she inspired me from day one with her practical approach to problems, as well as, the simple diagnosis to causes. As a result, I used the method on myself first. Then, with others. Hence, it has been beneficial and efficient in:

I have integrated her method with children and in management. In fact, through these tools that act on the subconscious mind, I have been able to achieve high-end client’s desired results. Indeed, applying her Method in my Coaching Work has been a unique professional adventure. Because they combine very well with some breakthrough mind power techniques. As I have said, discovered through over thirty years of research and travel.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

I have used the Phyllis Krystal Method in coaching professionally. Thus, as part of my executive coaching and mentoring work. Both face to face and on the phone. Surely, most of my clients contact me by word of mouth. Thus, due to the excellent results, they get from day one. Later, they become repeat customers. To illustrate, I have one to one, couples and group sessions. And all have been a remarkable experience. Hence, I am aware that my work keeps getting fortunate and lucky. Certainly, because I integrate more and more Phyllis Krystal’s method.

Relaxed, aware, stress-free and conscious.

For example, I have conducted over 6,300 sessions. Soon after, clients come out of the meeting with a sense of calmness within. Thus, conscious of their place. And learning to rely on the High C as their only source of wisdom. As I have said, for some, it is a rebirth. Besides, a real opportunity to go within and work on their subconscious mind.

To demonstrate, most of the professionals I work with are lawyers, economists, dentists, and doctors. As well as, people in business, entrepreneurs and high-level executives. Also, enterprises or companies that are longing to carry out Conscience in their management.

Benefits of using Phyllis  Krystal Method.

Looking more deeply, I see how my understanding and practice of her method has benefited my work. In brief, as my inner growth continues, so does the results for my clients. Thus, some benefits of Using Phyllis Krystal´s Method are:

As well as, thousands of more benefits visible to those who work with Phyllis Krystal Method. And Bindu´s unique inner mindfulness program. As has been noted, Bindu´s tool-kit adds the customized solution based on the problem at hand.

And some blogs written by Bindu inspired by Phyllis Krystal´s Method include:

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I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our lives and those around us.

In search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Phyllis Krystal Method
Clients come out of the session relaxed, aware, stress-free; conscious of their situation and learning to rely on the High C as their only source of nourishment.

2 Replies to “A psychotherapy method that works!”

  1. Me ha encantado este blog.
    Me he identificado con el, ya que muchos de los beneficios que dice que se consiguen usando el método, los he experimentado en mi trabajo y sesiones dirigidas por Bindu. Es increíble lo poderoso que es esta herramienta para conseguir resultados espectaculares hacia mi liberación interna.
    Gracias Bindu por tu inestimable ayuda.

  2. Muchísimas Gracias Asunción por tu siempre constante apoyo. Efectivamente, ambas sabemos lo poderoso que es el método – siempre y cuando una esté “despejada” 🙂 de todo aquello que impide reflejar la luz. Cuanto más limpios y puros estamos por dentro, más clara es nuestra conciencia y por consiguiente, más poderoso cualquier método. Este está siendo transformador en mi práctica como coach, ya que, me permite adentrarme en las zonas más sutiles de cada ser humano y con ello ayudarlo a liberarse para siempre. Gracias por tu aportación positiva

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