Believe in your Self – Following your Inner Coach

Be still. Watch. Don't be hasty - Bindu
Be patient. It will allow you to make better choices – Bindu

Believe in Your Self. Never doubt your capabilities. Be strong. Meditate and get your answers. Have faith and march on with no Fear. Your thoughts are the hallmarks of your success. You are ready to live the life of your dreams. Don´t allow low demeaning thoughts interfere with the divine sacred thoughts within you. Overcome them by practicing non-attachment to heart closing thoughts. Open your heart to love. Loving all and seeing the good in everyone and every experience will help you march towards inner joy.

Keep walking and say yes to every experience. But learn to say “no” when necessary. Don´t allow others to walk over you. At the same time teach by example. Become the change you want to see in the world. Become the beacon of light that you would like to experience. Keep your mind open and away from heart closing thoughts.

Daily meditation, consistent effort and hard work can achieve anything. Get into action now and create the life you desire.

Bindu Dadlani

27 May 2013

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