Love yourself and live in freedom – Bindu

Be brave. Be strong. Be you – Bindu

It is during hardship that we most learn about ourselves. We walk through life “thinking” we know everything, yet we are infinitesimal small compared to the vast planet and universe. Our ego is constantly reminding us to focus on the small little things as opposed to the big picture.

Here are six simple steps to take the reins of our life and make it happen:


  1. No matter what, THINK POSITIVE. This number one rule is crucial in making the leap to the success we cherish. Our own positive thoughts create a unique wavelength geared to satisfy our soul.
  2. SAY NO TO UNREALISTIC DEMANDS. Do not degrade yourself to having to say yes just to satisfy the other person, no matter who that person is. The only one you need to satisfy is your own conscience. This is the highest truth. Those who put it into practice get far away in life. Most do it in a silence manner.
  3. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. There is no way we can sell our product, brand or idea if we are doubtful. The first step is to connect within and become one with our soul. It is ever ready to listen and talk to us. It is all knowledge and wisdom. If we approach it with our heart, it will answer. Practice makes it happen.
  4. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO OVER STEP YOUR BOUNDARIES. Most people, particularly our closest ones, think they can control and invade our space for their selfish motives. Learning to recognize this and protecting our space is key in being able to express our full potential. If thin layers of invasion cover our intuition and connection within, we will not be able to act in freedom.
  5. CHANGE. The only thing that does not change is that everything changes. We are not bound by anything or anyone, least in this rapid global change revolution where the cycle of birth, growth and death is constantly evolving. Knowing where we want to head, what we want to achieve and having a burning desire to do it, will bring into our life the needed tools to execute our desired freedom. When the student is ready, the teacher comes.
  6. TAKE YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY: Yes you can. Dream what would you like to be and have. Keep on doing it, believing IT CAN HAPPEN, and miracles will flock your way when you least expect. It is our negative and limited mind that blocks those beautiful gifts to come our way. Changing our thoughts will change our life.

Love yourself and live in freedom  – Bindu

Bindu Dadlani

July 22nd, 2013


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