What is the frequency of your unconditional love?

We define most of our lives by the level of love we have for ourselves. The more we love ourselves, the higher the love frequency coming from others. If what we receive is conditional love, we need to look within for low self-esteem patterns that do not allow us to receive love in return for nothing.

Connecting with our inner self

We cannot find the unconditional love that most people crave in a partner or friend, but with practice, we can achieve it through our inner reservoir of wisdom. This practice is of uttermost importance to living a fulfilling and enriching life. An everyday investment towards this aim will yield high results in later age.

In search of the Highest Truth

Bindu Dadlani

I’d love YOUR feedback:  Have you practiced giving and receiving unconditional love? What are your action steps to gain this U-Love?

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love frequency
The more we love ourselves the higher the love frequency coming from others.

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