04-10-2013 INNER WORK

When faced with challenges what do you think? What is your attitude towards new and unknown situations? Keep the faith and the “luck” will be on your side. Get ” post of the day” on your email daily. Subscribe to http://www.bindupowercoaching.com 🙂 Happy Brave Friday 🙂

Don’t fear. Swim with the flow into the wonders & opportunities available. Keep an open heart and welcome them – Bindu

Te sientes mal pero crees que puedes salir adelante? Ya lo lograste? Si no es asĂ­, cuando le vas a dedicar tiempo a ello? SuscrĂ­bete a la frase del dĂ­a en http://www.bindupowercoaching.com. Feliz viernes y feliz trabajo interno

El que no trabaja internamente, dedica horas de trabajo personal y prefiere, en su lugar nutrirse de su ego, se hunde – Bindu




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