In the game of life, not everything that seems urgent is actually important. Filter your priorities and serve where it really matters – Bindu

Dedicate your life first to your soul, to your soulmate (if you have one); to the family that looks after you & to the world. We are all a big family in need for someone to love and care for us. Develop unconditional love for all – Bindu

En el juego de la vida, no todo a lo que le damos urgencia es importante. Filtra tus prioridades y atiende lo que verdaderamente importa – Bindu

Dedica tu vida primero a tu alma, a tu alma gemela (si la tienes), a la familia que vela por tu bienestar y al mundo. Todos tenemos necesidad de amor y cariño. Desarrollemos amor incondicional hacia todos – Bindu

Have a great day!

Bindu Dadlani
CEO, Founder, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

Power Coaching

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