How hard it is for us to let go of our desires? Everyday that passes we cling more and more to the “things” that will truly not give us any inner peace at the time of our last breath. If you want inner freedom, leave the mental prison in which you have put yourself into without any sense – Bindu

First make your soul happy, than “please” others – Bindu

¿Cuántos deseos tenemos que somos incapaces de soltar? Cada día que pasa nos aferramos más a las “cosas” que verdaderamente no nos darán ninguna paz interna en el momento de nuestro último aliento. Si quieres libertad interna, abandona la cárcel mental en la que te has metido sin sentido alguno.

Haz feliz a tu alma primero, luego “complace” a los demás – Bindu

Have a wise day 🙂

Bindu Dadlani
CEO, Founder, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

Power Coaching

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