How do you approach deadlines?
We have been told over and over to approach deadlines with a calm mind and a disciplined work habit. I would add to this, having inner speed. Seeing the deadline complete in the inside, will enable us to enjoy it on the outside.
Often we are pressured by specific deadlines. Other times we set our own.
What makes a project successful is not only completing it on time, but also and most importantly, addressing the need of the people in the process.
Today more than ever, we are operated by more and more machines. Having a human heart that listens to your “problems” makes all the difference.
If you want to make your business successful and meet deadlines with flying colors, pay attention to your people. Acknowledge them when their work has been good and speak to them in private when something hasn’t gone right. Above all, gain their trust by being an example of what you want them to be.
In the search of the Absolute Truth,
Bindu Dadlani


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