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Mindfulness Harvard Business School

Bindu Power Coaching participates in Dynamic Women In Business Conference @HBSWSA #letsgo at Harvard University, Mindfulness Harvard Business School.  

Power Coaching Program

Bindu´s Mindfulness Power Coaching Program teaches how to think, organize, prioritize and solve problems. She encourages to find happiness in tough times, seeing opportunity in each obstacle of the way.

Spiritual intelligence

She helps the person from within understanding the importance of bringing to the table something unique that will fill a need. Bindu, happiness coach, focuses on instilling self-confidence. Believe in oneself early on so that each person can make a difference, make an impact in their life and the life of others. Bindu helps you get to the essence of what matters to your soul. She develops your spiritual intelligence.

Mindfulness meditation in the workplace

During the conference, the keynote workshop led by Tara Healey reminded Bindu that she should continue teaching mindfulness meditation in the workplace, especially to CEOs. Focusing on three aspects:

“The practice of mindfulness increases 8 points of IQ in women and 10 points of IQ on men” – Tara Healey @Harvard Pilgrim Health Care — Harvard Business School.

Breaking the “glass ceiling.”

More than 1,000 female professionals attended the conference. The theme “Let´s go” led strong encouragement to find meaningful steps towards leading a more balanced and successful career. The keynote by Carla Harris focused on how to break the “glass ceiling.” She gave Bindu Power Coach personal advice on to how to make it happen.

Painful processes help you grow

Bindu finds that her happiest memories happen at the same time that her toughest experiences. She learned mindfulness and meditation at an early age from great scholars from Japan and masters in India. These tools have calmed her during pressing emotional moments of her life. They have also given her the necessary resilience to stand up, fight and be alive through the various painful processes.

Mindfulness Harvard

Mindfulness Harvard Business School

Coaching and empowerment

Bindu Dadlani is active in coaching and healthcare conferences, as well as, empowering women worldwide. She has also developed techniques for money matters and mindful spending. She helps you face the truth of the reality to want to hide.

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Listen to her podcast: The Road Less Traveled.

Read a testimonial: Limitless.

Bindu Mindfulness Happiness Power Coach

Bindu Dadlani is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation. She has over twenty years of experience in personal development and organizational change within. She has written nine books, available on her online store. Bindu has created a unique method of adapting the principles of mindfulness to a corporate environment.

She trains executives and managers to approach deadlines with a calm mind. Bindu happiness coach will not give up until she has made your dreams into tangible realities. She is a mastermind in the secrets of the Self.

Her CEO coaching techniques apply spiritual mindfulness-based coaching techniques creating a unique transformation process. 

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More about Bindu and her impact in executives

Bindu Dadlani, management consultant, executive mindfulness power coach, CEO, and founder of Bindu Power Coaching specializes in facilitating large-scale organizational change and different diversity training programs for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and government agencies.

Bindu honors for excellence in professional coaching.

Even the most reluctant people make total transformations.

She provides C-Suite executives the frameworks, roadmaps and unique business models towards strategic thinking, operational effectiveness and unique know-how in the knowledge of the Self while helping senior leaders speed their path to the truth of their mission.

She has created an inner impact method that re-programs the mind to connect it to its unlimited potential re-connecting to their intuitive power to meet the unimaginable. Bindu is a thought leader in the Secrets of the Self.


Bindu Dadlani es conferenciante de mindfulness y coaching para empresas.

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