Women Success Harvard

Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference

Harvard Business School

Women Success Harvard. Bindu Power Coach meets Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She is also a leader, an author, and a singer. She continually gives women pearls or wisdom for career advancement.

Carla gives wisdom pearls to Bindu on her Coaching with Conscience inner work. Carla suggests Bindu explain her work process to a potential client and then to try it out. Experience needs to go hand in hand with awakening consciousness.

“Fear has no place in your success equation. Be comfortable taking risks. Train people to think about you the way you want” – Carla Harris 

“List three adjectives or competitive advantages that people will think of you when you are not in the room. And, have consistent behavior around those attitudes”, advises @carlaannharris.

Bindu Power Coaching & Bindu Dadlani at 23rd Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference at Harvard Business School @HBSWSA #letsgo

Inspiring Closing Keynote at Burden Auditorium for women in the workplace.

“You need help from an advisor, a mentor, and a sponsor – a person that will carry your paper into the room – have a good reason for them to spend that capital on you. Check your value proposition.”

Bindu felt re-energized after hearing Carla Harris and her story. She truly inspired the audience in the Auditorium.

“The HBS Women’s Student Association mission is to prepare HBS women for long-term success and actively foster a campus culture that encourages students of all genders to thrive.”

Women Success Harvard
“Fear has no place in your success equation. Be comfortable taking risks.”
Women Success Harvard
Bindu is listening to Carla Harris at Harvard Business School, during the Dynamic Women in Business Conference.

About Bindu

Bindu Dadlani is a management consultant, CEO, and founder of Bindu Power Coaching. She specializes in facilitating large-scale organizational change and individual diversity training for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and government agencies. She honors for excellence in professional coaching – even the most reluctant people make total transformations.

Bindu provides C-Suite executives with the frameworks, roadmaps and unique business models towards strategic thinking. Also in operational effectiveness and unique know-how in the knowledge of the Self while helping senior leaders speed their path to the truth of their mission. She has created an inner impact method that re-programs the mind to connect it to its unlimited potential connecting to their intuitive power to achieve the unimaginable.

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