Testimony Maria Lawyer and Business Owner for Bindu Power Coaching

Testimony Maria Perez Ramos Lawyer and Business Owner for Executive Mindfulness Bindu Power Coach

Testimony Maria Perez Ramos

I had lack of time, wanted to improve the profile of my cases, income, and thieves of time. I got all these thanks to Bindu Power Coaching.

Through these professionals facets of my life, many personal things came out. We discovered that many of them were stopping my personal development. That is how we started to work like and to get into my mind, past, beliefs…We started to reprogram my brain. We figured out that there were many beliefs and uses and habits that were blocking my progress…


Awakening to a meaningful life

The beginnings

Most of my clients reach out to me when their life is either about to sink or in deep waters. Somehow their conscience is ready for a turn of events, for a change. They want to go from the victim role to taking responsibility for their lives. Their inner self is thirsty for wisdom that will awaken their consciousness to higher walks of life. During the session, clients see where they are, what are they doing and how they can change their lives from misery and emptiness to happiness and peace.

One of the first aspects we touch upon is their goals. More often than not, they are clueless. Other times, they think they are heading in the right direction. But when confronted with specific questions they have no answers. Their dreams are not agreeing with their life, and their actions are contrary to their thoughts. This incongruence is the first point of the study.

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