Bindu Power Coaching applies to the largest start-up accelerator in Boston

A MassChallenge Intern Testimonial

Bindu Power Coaching is an inner high impact method. People testify the veracity and credibility of its reach. The following is a MassChallenge Intern Testimonial:

“In just one session, I was able to see changes in my life as a result of Bindu’s unique method. She gets right to the core of the problem and helps you replace it with something better! Definitely, Recommend.”

The Year of Motivation
Lars King – The Year of Motivation

Lars King

“Founder and CEO, Year Of Motivation”

MassChallenge promotes innovation. It is a global non-profit startup accelerator and competition with a focus on high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs.

Innovation Community/Co-Working

Bindu Power Coaching applies to the largest start-up accelerator in Boston

MassChallenge questions to Bindu Power Coaching

CEO Name

Bindu Dadlani

Customer Pain and Solution

Problem – Please describe what problem (customer pain point) you are trying to solve.

Financial, Physical and Emotional Pain. When bombarded with daily problems and symptoms we either go to Google, a friend, a professional, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a therapist, etc., to find a solution. However, rarely do we go deeper into the root cause to fix it. At Bindu Power Coaching, we detect where the problem originated, its consequences and “cure” it right there. Not only we correct past and present situations but prepare the road for a brighter tomorrow.

Solution – What is your solution? What is innovative about your solution, technology, business model, etc.?

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) is a unique method that corrects the problem in the subconscious mind. By re-programming belief patterns, cultural codes, and behaviors that no longer serve our soul. With the help of the Super-Conscious mind, we enter our Subconscious-Mind entirely conscious, installing a new program that serves the solution. Results are visible immediately and are exponentially useful over time. You experience a power change as the new program runs in the mind. This “new code” enhances a power mind action blueprint.

The impact that you hope to accomplish

Immediate exponential value, inner happiness combined with high-efficiency and productivity in workers and CEOs. All can tremendously benefit from such mind POWER technique. From a child to an older adult, the IMPACT is enormous.

How would you define your potential market

Many people have technology, money, and looks, but lack peace and connection within. This method is for any individual that is interested in growing from within towards a wholesome, happy person.

Marketing message to users & customers

Want to become a “superhero” to solve your daily “issues”? Take a Bindu Power person or group power session to maximize your inner and outer speed at all levels. Unleash your magic and potential within, remove the blockage and get into Action.

Which organizations compete with your value offering?

No direct competitors. It is my own “recipe” built for over 20 years integrating the work of many living masters and my personal self-made inner practical experience. Trust is the basis of the relationship.

Which organizations complement your offering in the market? Do you know of or anticipate any value chain partners?

Any corporation that wants to provide coaching to their executives can complement our offering in the market. Viral Gains, Inc is our customer. They won the $100K Diamond Winners award at MassChallenge 2013. They can turn into a value chain partner creating impact.

What are your primary advantages relative to existing or potential competitors? i.e., Why will you win?

It is Empowerment from Within. Getting rid of negative attributes. The method liberates you from any control outside your conscience — immediate and Exponential life-transforming results from the first session. The problem is fixed at the root level FOREVER.

What IP (Intellectual Property) or regulatory requirements exist for your business or in your industry?

Psychotherapist Phyllis Krystal owns the IP & copyright of some of the tools I use in my work. Bindu Dadlani got her training certification with Phyllis in Munich, Germany.  It is a unique competitive advantage as only a few in the world have been trained personally by her. She is now 100 years old. Bindu is spreading her message worldwide. Her method has been used “silently” for over 60 years; recently released as scientifically correct in 2013 at Leuven University in Belgium by Psychotherapist Mía Leijssen.

Please tell us about current or anticipated advisors and investors

We met Governor Deval Patrick, Deshpande and Akhil Nigam, at the MC Launch who tapped well into the significance and action of such an Impact World Project. Jay Singh from Viral Gains testifies the method.

Please describe one or two specific things MassChallenge could do to accelerate the growth of your company

GROW, SCALE and PROMOTE BINDU POWER COACHING, world IMPACT method to bring understanding in the minds of CEOs, political figures, families, children, parents, blue-collar workers, corporations and organizations into a more wholesome inner space.

What can you contribute to the MassChallenge community?

Helping other teams through MassChallenge and helping them become better leaders during the program. Creating High-Performance Teams. Worldwide High-Net-Worth Connections. Vision. Awareness. Mindfulness Techniques to achieve success throughout MC.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Bindu Power Coaching has been developing results for over 20 years worldwide. It is a method that can heal the core values of people, teams, companies, corporations & organizations. It has the power to unleash all hidden human potential within.

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