Bindu Dadlani meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister PM Narendra Modi talks to Bindu Power Coach

PM Narendra Modi speaks to Bindu Dadlani, Director of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce in the Canary Islands, Spain. She is also known for her Executive Success Coaching work with Mindfulness and twitter handle @bindupowercoach.

She meets Indian Prime Minister PM Narendra Modi @narendramodi at Global Investors Business Summit 2011 in Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Summary of video

Two days, $ 450 billion, 7,936 MoU signed.

Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011, has attracted National and International Investors in the area of Industry, Technology, Innovation, Academics and Social Sectors. During the two day event on 12th and 13th January, about 7,936 memorandums of understanding (MoUs), $ 450 billion, were signed.

Billionaires of India present

Almost all billionaires of India were present in the VG 2011. Apart from showering mega investments on Gujarat, captains of Indian industry, including Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani, among many others, heaped praises on than Chief Minister Narendra Modi, today Prime Minister, and described him as a great visionary (@timesofindia Times of India. The Economic Times Jan 12, 2011). @bindudadlani and her team were able to to have one to one meeting with @narendramodi.

Bindu asks PM Narendra Modi specific questions

Bindu Dadlani asked specific questions regarding Spain and the Canary Islands’ Know-How in Tourism, Renewable Energies, Water Desalinization and Infrastructure and how it could contribute to the land of Gujarat.

PM Narendra Modi answers Bindu with specific answers

With a desire and commitment to developing “European Style Tourism” in Gujarat through leveraging European culture and habits, Mr. Modi answers Bindu Dadlani with a concrete business model action plan that involved Public-Private Partnership initiatives. He focused on Hospitality Management World Class School Institutions and Residence for the Elderly and Tourist World Class Resorts. He assured that he would provide with the land.

Global Business Investors Summit
@bindupowercoach meets @narendramodi
Global Investors Summit 2011
Vibrant Gujarat 2011 @narendramodi
Bindu Dadlani meets PM Narendra Modi in Vibrant Gujarat 2011
Bindu Dadlani meets PM Narendra Modi at Global Business Investors Meeting
Bindu Dadlani Bindu Power Coaching meets PM Narendra Modi at 2011 Global Investors Summit
Power Coach Bindu, meets PM Narendra Modi with Europe India Chamber of Commerce at Vibrant Gujarat 2011
Bindu Dadlani in Gujarat with PM Narendra Modi
Mrs. Dadlani next to PM Narendra Modi during EICC 2011 Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Meeting Summit
Bindu Power Coaching with PM Narendra Modi in 2011 Investors Summit
Bindu Dadlani and Europe India Chamber of Commerce with PM Narendra Modi at 2011 Vibrant Gujarat
Global Investors Summit - India 2011
Bindu Dadlani at a roundtable with PM Narendra Modi and EICC Team at 2011 Vibrant Gujarat

Special thanks to:

PM Narendra Modi and Gujarat Team.

Sunil Prasad, Secretary-General, Europe India Chamber of Commerce

Ramesh Datla, Chairman CII National MSME Council & Managing Director, Elico Ltd.

Mohan Kaul, Director-General, Commonwealth Business Council.

Mr. Geoffrey Van-Orden MEP, Chairman, Europe-India Chamber of Commerce.

Sushil Handa, Chairman, The FifthVeda Entrepreneurs.

Subhash Thakrar, Chairman, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Last but not least, Gour Saraff, Director of Europe India Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

In Search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani @bindupowercoach

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