How to increase your concentration. Advice for MILLENNIALS

Future Rate of Return measured in Silence

Silence your Mind through Self-Empowerment

What is the future rate of return when you spend days in silence? Many times a solution, sign, signal, a course of action, guiding intuition is right there in front of us or in our heads. But we don’t pay attention. However, we need to listen to this little voice or space of time that calls us every once in a while. For this purpose, quiet retrospection and introspection are key.

Daily, more and more, we get distracted and allow for this continuous stream of “news” to enter our heads. However, with so much unnecessary information our minds get clogged up.  This full storage space does not allow for the new to enter. To empty this space and open possibilities for the “new,” daily quiet sitting is a must, however busy your schedules are. Inner silence will allow for pieces of the puzzle to go back into place and for thieves of time to leave, in essence, for restructuring the parts of the brain that seem stagnated.

Find quiet time

I cannot stress enough how important this personal quiet time is in between the fast-paced life we are living. We are in urgent need to spend time with trees and nature, with family and friends, with earth and sea animals, as we are becoming more and more “robotic.” Society, marketing, and companies are making us day by day more dependent on artificial gadgets and the need is growing by the second. Without realizing we are becoming “followers” of the push marketing that most companies pay millions for us to fall into the “trap.”

Speak with your inner guide

Using our discrimination power here is critical, so we don’t enter “the system.” This skill will arise once we make that special and unique connection daily with our inner guide, our little voice speaking to us all the time – although we don’t hear it yet due to the immense noise around and about. It is our responsibility to come out from this web that slowly is weakening us without noticing.

Advice for millennials

I see more and more young people having some tickling habit. Stillness is something they haven’t heard of, as the daily pattern is noise and online chats. Heart-to-heart communication is missing from our daily living, and this leads to weak emotional states, which in turn creates havoc in our relationships with closest people whether they are family or friends.

I encourage and challenge you to try quiet silent sitting for at least five minutes daily and incrementing the time each week. You manage your time and measure your success. Your future rate of return depends on you. It is your investment.

In search of the absolute truth

Bindu Dadlani


How are you investing in your future?

Would you consider silence an essential ingredient of your success rate formula?

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