Increase Center Tasking

Increase Center Tasking

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Increase center tasking or most commonly heard as “multitasking,” is not as advisable as many people emulate. Most people today, young or old, are doing more than one task at a time. Multitasking has become a habit. This repeated practice is on the rise as concentration and contemplation are disappearing from our daily routines. Unfortunately, without having achieved a reasonable level of attention in one task, trying to carry out two, three or four, is pointless.

In his post The Real Harm is Multitasking, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Ph.D., explains how multitasking “has negative effects…. slows you down … decreases the quality of your work, lowers your IQ … kills your performance and may even damage your brain.” Furthermore, Harvard Business Review magazine, Vision Statement: The Multitasking Paradox, shows an overview of detrimental results of multitasking.


Bringing awareness to the present moment is vital to increase our potential within. Approach deadlines with a calm mind. This kind of new habit in our daily routine will allow us to combine our intentions with our vision and to see our desired goals become a reality. Our concentration will increase, and the task at hand will become our center of activity. For this daily sitting is of great value.

This investment in focus and attention span will produce incredible results. Therefore, to cut multitasking and increase center tasking, focus on one area and task at a time for higher achievements. Not only will productivity rise, but you will also feel accomplished and satisfied.

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Bindu Dadlani

Success & Mindfulness eCoach with Conscience

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Bindu Dadlani, management consultant, executive mindfulness power coach, CEO, and founder of Bindu Power Coaching specializes in facilitating large-scale organizational change and different diversity training programs for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and government agencies.

Bindu honors for excellence in professional coaching.

Even the most reluctant people make total transformations.

She provides C-Suite executives the frameworks, roadmaps and unique business models towards strategic thinking, operational effectiveness and unique know-how in the knowledge of the Self while helping senior leaders speed their path to the truth of their mission.

She has created an inner impact method that re-programs the mind to connect it to its unlimited potential re-connecting to their intuitive power to meet the unimaginable. Bindu is a thought leader in the Secrets of the Self.

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