Bindu speaks and moderates at Asian American Women Leadership Conference

Speed Networking Lunch and Roundtable

Bindu Power Coaching leads Heart to heart communication in the workplace during the

Asian American Women Leadership Conference.

Bindu Dadlani speaks at the Speed Networking Lunch on “Heart to Heart Communication” in the business place.

Bindu Power Coaching moderates the panel “Mentorship: Not Whether but How” at ASPIRE´s 10th Annual Asian American Women in Leadership Conference in Simmmons College on November 1, 2014.

Heart to Heart Communication
Moderating Panel on “Mentorship: Not Whether but How”
How can you start the relationship?
Leaders need mentors. It helps to keep growing. Heart to Heart Communication is key.

Women empowerment

Making a difference in someone´s heart, leaving a legacy that counts and understanding the importance of service to women who need empowerment tools to reach to the next level is the maximum of @bindupowercoach.

THANK YOU Aspire Team for such an eye-opening, caring and excellently organized event and for your invitation to make @bindudadlani a part of it.

Bindu Dadlani @bindupowercoach

Speaker at Networking Lunch
Speaker at Speed Networking Lunch – Heart2Heart Communication in the Workplace – Asian Women Leadership Conference 2014

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