Heart to heart communication in the workplace

Bindu Power Coach speaks and moderates a panel at the Asian American Women Leadership Conference.

heart to heart communication, asian American women, women leadership conference

Speed Networking Lunch and Roundtable.

Bindu Power Coaching moderates the panel “Mentorship: Not Whether But How” at ASPIRE’s 10th Annual Asian American Women in Leadership Conference in Simmons College on November 1, 2014. Bindu also speaks at the Speed Networking Lunch on the topic of “Heart to Heart Communication” in the business place. Tufts Medical Center organizes the event.

Heart to heart Communication in the Workplace during Speed Networking Lunch

Participants rotated through (3) 20-minute table discussions with professionals in their field of interest. The goal of this activity was to enable participants to practice networking skills, develop connections, and gain insight regarding the next phase of their educations or professional careers. Bindu represented the professional at the table.

This year’s conference theme was about “Making it Count!,” leveraging the failures and successes, great or small, along your leadership journey.

Heart to Heart Communication, Speed Networking Lunch, Asian American Women, women leadership conference
“Mentorship: Not Wether but How”

Roundtable Moderation

The panel was moderated by Bindu Dadlani, CEO, and Founder of Bindu Power Coaching. The fellow panelists were:

  • Cynthia Mark, Managing Attorney, Asian Outreach Unit, Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Jimin Ren-Grodzins, Manager, Commercial Financial Business Systems, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Yee Szeto-Law, VP, Global Benefits Manager, Wellington Management


Bindu started the panel with her self-introduction and opened the discussion by having each panelist introduce herself. A Q&A format followed. Everyone was welcomed to jump in the debate encouraging interactive conversations.

Some topics of discussions:
  • Balancing Feedback and Inner Guidance
  • Knowing what we want first in order to establish a plan of action
  • Assessing “the need” vs. “the want”
  • How would you describe “low moments”
  • When best to reach a mentor
Other topics:
  • How mentorship can clarify doubts and lack of self-confidence within
  • What steps are necessary before reaching out for a mentor
  • How to know who will work best to unleash potential within
  • How to keep mentors motivated to help mentees perform better
  • What questions to ask mentors that will bring clear vision within 
Heart to heart communication

Women empowerment

Making a difference in someone´s heart, leaving a legacy that counts, and understanding the importance of service to women who need empowerment tools to reach the next level is the maximum of @bindupowercoach.

THANK YOU Aspire Team for such an eye-opening, caring and excellently organized event and for your invitation to make @bindudadlani a part of it.

Bindu Dadlani @bindupowercoach

Heart to heart communication, Speed Networking Lunch, women leadership conference, Asian American Women
Leaders need mentors. It helps to keep growing. Heart to Heart Communication is key.
Speaker at Networking Lunch
Speaker at Speed Networking Lunch – Heart2Heart Communication in the Workplace – Asian Women Leadership Conference 2014

About Bindu

Bindu Dadlani graduated from Boston University in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Then, in 2001, she obtained a postgraduate degree from Harvard University in eCommerce. Having worked in the retail industry, banking, non-for profit, and education, she understood the need for the 21st Century.

So, she built her own company based on business healing. When she’s not working, you will find her exploring her mind, traveling worldwide, or just sitting in nature while reading material that will continue altering her life and that of others forever.


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