Change your Fate by being You

How important is to love and accept ourselves? How “influential” is to really be comfortable in our own skin?

Bruce Kasanoff in his post “ How to be Ridiculously Likable ” gives us 3 keys to make progress in this matter, reminding us to “accept ourselves so that others can do the same”, pointing that we can “change our internal comfort level in order to be 100% comfortable in our own skin.”

We all have enough power within to change absolutely anything we desire. To me three elements are essential:

  1. Will power to persist – despite apparent discouragement 

  2. Patience to keep going – despite unexpected turn of events

  3. 100% Faith in your Vision – despite “unbelievers” 

In due time, all the elements will come to play, each in its own time providing unimaginable results. However, for all this to happen, “being 100% comfortable in your own skin”, as Bruce Kasanoff points out is key:

“Hands down, there’s no more attractive quality than a person who is utterly comfortable with who they are.”

To this I would add that we can only be ourselves, when we start removing, deleting or eliminating the “negative” layers that cover our true essence. This may take a long time for some and even longer for others. However, getting hands on working on our Inner Self is vital for us to be totally comfortable with our own skin.

In search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Change is Possible

Be 100% comfortable in your own skin

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