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Mindfulness Management Leadership Program.

Coaching with Conscience

The Mindfulness Management Leadership Program, conscience in Management that Bindu Dadlani, Founder, and CEO of Bindu Power Coaching has created, provides cutting-edge techniques in a corporate world of heart-closing thoughts executives. As technology evolves, a new challenge is visible: peace of mind and pathways to decision-making. Bindu awakens consciousness.

Conscience in Management

“Working with Bindu Power Coaching is great for people who are looking to evolve themselves and reach their full potential. The program helps people get to their true essence by accessing the most powerful parts of their mind. I highly recommend Bindu Power Coaching to people who are making progress toward their goals and want the extra edge to getting there.” – Testimonial Jay Singh Founder Ceo Streamscape Founder Viralgains for Bindu Power Coaching.

Leaders  | Coaching with Conscience

Bindu Happiness Power Coach has created a method real-time that provides an immediate connection with the Super-Conscious Mind to heal parts of our memory bank that obscure our present. Those who have worked with her are aware of the multiplying effects of her inner work. The more we connect with our soul, the more in line we are with our values and conscience, and therefore, with a life of meaning.

Mindfulness Management Leadership Program
Founder & CEO at Streamscape.com & Founder at Viralgains.com

Who is Bindu? The Wake-up Call

Bindu Dadlani is a Power Happiness Coach who unleashes your unlimited potential. Her tailor-made process of coaching fixes problems at the root level. Ceo´s and managers benefit tremendously from this inner work. It provides them with the warmth, comfort, and empowerment needed after a long day of decision-making and problem-solving. After this power session, they come out relaxed. But most importantly, self-confident about the next course of action, in line with their conscience, dreams, and values. Read these testimonials.

The process of work – Coaching with Mindfulness

The connection with the inner self is at a conscious level, so there is complete awareness of the present moment. Problems get solved under an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Hence, doors closed start to “open” in a multiplying way. The method goes deep within the subconscious of the person, where they can perceive what needs fixing immediately.

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