Nauseas and pain disappeared after a BPC Session

A powerful change after a BPC session

This is a testimonial that shows how a powerful change is possible.

A Testimonial by M.P.R.

After two weeks of nausea, stomach pains and not wanting to eat anything, the next day after one of the most powerful sessions I’ve done with Bindupowercoaching, not only I woke up without nausea, but I was even hungry that afternoon and was able to have dinner that night eating everything I wanted聽(which happened to be Christmas Eve), go out for drinks and have fun, waking up the next day in perfect condition.

During the session, we were able to recognize what it was that was not letting me “digest”. Causing me great distress about it, and got it out of my system right away.

The reassurance and peace following the session were infinite. Especially after I found out what had been happening since the previous physical discomfort was quite considerable and chronic.

I would not call it a “miracle” because it has its scientific explanation. But we could say that it almost touches it …. 馃檪


29 December 2014

Cambio poderoso

Un Testimonio de M.P.R.

Tras dos semanas de n谩useas, dolores de est贸mago y sin ganas de probar bocado, al d铆a siguiente de realizar una de las sesiones m谩s potentes que he llevado a cabo con Bindupowercoaching, no s贸lo amanec铆 sin n谩useas, sino que por la tarde ten铆a hasta hambre y pude cenar esa noche (que casualmente era Nochebuena) todo lo que se me antoj贸, irme de copas y divertirme, despert谩ndome al d铆a siguiente en perfecto estado.

Durante la sesi贸n pudimos reconocer qu茅 era lo que no me estaba dejando “digerir”, caus谩ndome una gran angustia por ello, y expulsarlo sobre la marcha.

La tranquilidad siguiente a la sesi贸n fue infinita, en especial al descubrir qu茅 hab铆a estado ocurriendo, ya que el malestar f铆sico anterior era bastante considerable, y cr贸nico.

No lo llamar铆a “milagro” porque tiene su explicaci贸n cient铆fica, pero podr铆amos decir que casi que lo roza…. 馃檪


29 de Diciembre, 2014

La tranquilidad siguiente a la sesi贸n fue infinita
No lo llamar铆a “milagro” porque tiene su explicaci贸n cient铆fica, pero podr铆amos decir que casi que lo roza…. 馃檪


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