Walk with Truth 

If you cheat, hide, take advantage of others consciously or don’t follow through your commitments, you damage only yourself. Life is a boomerang. What you give, you receive. Pay attention to your promised word. Do not be afraid to ask what you deserve. If out of fear you remain silent it is you who looses @bindupowercoach | Subscribe for your Power Session or Message at www.bindupowercoaching.com.

Si engañas, escondes, te aprovechas conscientemente o faltas a tus compromisos, el daño te lo haces únicamente a ti. La vida es un boomerang. Aquello que das, recibes. Pon atención a tu palabra. No tengas miedo de pedir lo que mereces. Si callas por miedo quien pierde eres tu @bindupowercoach www.bindupowercoaching.com | Suscríbete y Recibe tu ‘power message’

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