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An evening with Amy Cuddy in Boston

An evening with Amy Cuddy in Boston

As I wrap up this week, I am thrilled to have attended Amy Cuddy´s talk again, a professor and researcher of nonverbal behavior at the Harvard Business School, involving her passion and research on human presence. Amy Cuddy, whose popular TED talk about body language has over 29 million views online, hosted a workshop at the West Suburban YMCA, Newton Free Library in Boston. She also dearly shared the stage with the amazing West Suburban YMCA Rock Band, The Dominoes. They were absolutely amazing kids expressing their musical talents.


Amy Cuddy hosts a workshop at the West Suburban YMCA, Newton Free Library in Boston, involving her passion and research on human presence

Bindu Dadlani meets again Amy Cuddy, professor and researcher of nonverbal behavior at Harvard Business School, whose popular TED talk about body language has over 29 million views online

Since young age I have intuitively practiced power posing. Little did I know how important it would later become for social psychologists. I have to say it works. It has proven to have helped me in the most challenging situations when I needed a boost of self-confidence. Throughout my adolescence and later as a success coach, I have advised on power posing techniques with clients worldwide because of having 100% faith in its effectiveness. I am very happy that it is now publicly accepted. I congratulate Amy Cuddy for her scientific research, persistence and ability to communicate this simple yet powerful approach with the world. Thank you Amy.

Her Book Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges will be released December 22.

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