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Podcast Road Less Traveled

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The Road Less Traveled

As I walk the road less traveled, I encounter “monsters” –

They deny my direction.

I try not to listen, but they are stronger than me. 

I turn back in their direction

I fall, whip,

it´s hard to come back on my action.


As I try and try again,

I am kept from remembering

The actual path that lies ahead

I turn back in ignorance

It is hard to come forward again,

I do it anyway.


I engage in spiritual practice

but that enough is of no avail.

If I am not keen enough inside

to crush forever the pain.


I am now directed onwards

in the road towards my success;

now that I am on it

will never turn back again.


Thank you for your guidance

your support and ever strength

You are always with me

when I am true to myself.

By Bindu Dadlani

Boston, 29th April 2016

Road Less Traveled

Often I face two or more choices. For the most extended period of my life, I was not able to know the right action for me. It usually happened when I connected with that part of me that doubted, that followed others. However, those days when I truly connected myself to myself, everything was crystal clear, with the independence of being hard.

Remember to become aligned with who we are

But taking the road less traveled only when we are faced with a shock should not be the anthem here, but to make it daily as we walk along our daily life, so that we can always be at the right time, at the right place with the right people. That can happen if we remember to become aligned with who we are.

Following our conscience

As I go through my life, I notice that the simple practice of making decisions from this part of me as opposed to following others advice has proven to have worked wonders. Letting go of “help,” a crutch as I call it, is the hardest, but as we do it, and continue in the path of self-discovery, we realize how much of it is a game. A game that requires strategy, innovation, creativity, passion, courage, and the patience and determination to make it happen.

In search of the highest truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Happiness Coach

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