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Mind management through Coaching Science

Gateway to Happiness – new eBook Release by Bindu Dadlani

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Mind Management “Coaching Science”.

Coaching the subconscious mind: Helping you connect to your intuitive power within to achieve a “Super Brain”.

Gateway to Happiness is a book that contains evidenced-based research on the topic of “Coaching the Sub-Conscious mind (Lower emotions) to connect to the Super-Conscious Mind (Unconditional Love)”, making substantial reference to the science that underpins the process. Bindu Dadlani is doing some revealing inner work with a spiritual orientation that she now shares in her book. It is a very unique form of meditation, mindfulness, visualization method combined with eastern techniques achieving breakthrough results.

[Lanzamiento de mi nuevo libro sobre el tema Gestión de la Mente a través del “Coaching Científico”: “Puerta de entrada a la Felicidad”]

Gateway to Happiness
Mind Management through “Coaching Science”
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Gateway to Happiness
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Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach. She unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

One of the key essences she brings to the success of any corporation or individual is peaceful conflict resolution. She achieves win-win negotiations across different mind-sets. Her techniques and unique method are transforming professionals, men, and women across the world into enlightened beings.

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