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Book Release:

“The Inner Warrior”

Listen Within for Inner Guidance

by Bindu Dadlani

The book release, The Inner Warrior, will make you re-consider vital aspects of your life as you embrace uncertainty. The Inner Warrior is available for purchase on iBooks , Amazon and Bindu Shop.

How many times have we wondered how? Can I? At the very moment of deciding, we stop. We re-think before embarking on a task we initially said yes. How about listening? Asking within for direction, for a purpose, for meaning? Paying attention to the answers and taking those to action with no hesitation, fully convinced.

Mastering the mind is not easy. However, it is the most important skill we need to learn in this game of life. Negative thoughts waste our energy. In this time of “crisis” that we live, it is important to stop and reflect often on what is happening around us. This reflection will give us the temperance, security, and self-confidence we need to meet our goal.

The present moment

More often than not we live in fear of not getting things done. Time passes as quickly as never imagined before. And our desires, expectations, and demands keep increasing. We not only forget ourselves but our surroundings, its colors, smells, people. We stop living the present moment and therefore navigate without direction. Turning our attention inwards will allow for creative solutions and ideas to come forth & live the present as a gift.

Within us lies an infinite power of wisdom still dormant, waiting for us to welcome it in our daily decisions. When we connect with our own self we discover unlimited potential to innovate.

Leaders of tomorrow

Let us become our own leaders to shine forth our own innate qualities. No one is responsible for our lives. We are the architects of our own destiny. We create and we destroy. Therefore, let´s design our days aligned with higher goals and ideas to live a life that accomplishes our dreams. Today is now, yesterday is past, and tomorrow is starting today. Today is all. What we do now will define our tomorrows.

“The Inner Warrior” reminds us to pay attention to our true “calling”…. – Bindu, Boston 27th February 2017

Today is now, yesterday is past, and tomorrow is a consequence of today. Today is all. What we do now will define our tomorrows.

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.  Download her FREE eBook “Despertando Conciencias” in Apple iBooks or Kindle Amazon.

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