3 Hábitos de ahorro consciente

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Sustainable Economy. Money Management 101

Economic Abundance, and its administration.

Most people complain that they have no money. The reason is straightforward. In this blog, I will summarize the leading causes. There are many more depending on the situation of each person.

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The vast fortunes began with three simple steps:

  1. Make financial planning of expenses forecasts for the next 5, 10 and 15 years. This prediction will help you take into account what you will need to bill to be able to cover these forecasts.
  2. Make sure you can generate that income as planned.
  3. All you can save from there on, put it in a reserve account. It will be useful in moments of “low tides.”

The nine fundamental problems of people who complain about money are:

  1. Money expenditure instead of saving habits.
  2. Uncontrolled spending before planning.
  3. Lack of personality to say “NO.”
  4. Spending because others do. Lack of strength to not follow the masses.
  5. Spending because they are merely empty on the inside and need external inducements to cover their ailments.
  6. Spending because they fear that if they save others with more autonomy over their financial life will pay for it. They are “dominated.”
  7. Money is gone from their hands as blood runs through their veins.
  8. They have not learned how to manage their wealth by not knowing the value of the money earned through sweat. Limiting beliefs are stronger than the ability to generate enough income to live a life in abundance.
  9. Stingy with those who would have to be generous and generous to those who deserve limits. Most are emotionally unbalanced and need approval and acceptance to feel good. Others are weak people in the background looking for a small nest where to rest. Entirely a few men and women have lost their dignity and have sold themselves for alms.

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Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

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2 Replies to “3 Hábitos de ahorro consciente”

  1. Siempre tan ‘precisa’ y acertada Bindu Dadlani. Gestionar bien el dinero puede resultar todo un reto, tanto como el de gestionar bien nuestras ’emociones’… Ahí vienen tus ‘Power sessions ‘ para quien anhele avanzar y no desee esperar más…

    1. El dinero gestionado con inteligencia emocional suele estar administrado de forma productiva, eficiente y efectiva. Ese mismo dinero en manos de personas con hábitos negativos, creencias limitantes y egoístas hace que se agote antes de lo esperado.. El dinero se convierte en abundante cuando soltamos, compartimos y ayudamos. Si malgastamos sin necesidad para un uso inconsciente, esta misma acción vuelve a nosotros como un boomerang. Muchas Gracias María por tu constante feedback positivo 🙂 Bindu.

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