Decisions vs intentions

Decisions vs Intentions

There are no wrong decisions, only wrong intentions.

Take one step at a time…

Tomorrow will change…

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When undecided, wait. If confused, wait. If there is pressure, wait. Take some time off and reflect. What data have you gathered? What does it say? Make decisions from the heart when the mind is stable. Keep purity in your actions, intentions and decisions.


Stay pure


No hay decisiones equivocadas, solo intenciones equivocadas.

Entre quedar bien y hacer las cosas bien, haz lo segundo..

Da un paso de cada vez.

Mañana cambiarĂĄ…

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Cuando haya indecisión, espera. Si hay confusión, espera. Si hay presión, espera. Tómate tiempo libre y reflexiona. ¿Qué datos has reunido? ¿Qué dicen? Toma decisiones desde el corazón cuando la mente estå estable. Debe haber pureza en tus acciones, intenciones y decisiones.


En la bĂșsqueda del conocimiento supremo,



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2 Replies to “Decisions vs intentions”

  1. Our decisions are normally based on our “intentions”. If these last ones are pure and adequate to the case, the decision will be for sure the “right one” 🙂 Thank you for reminding us always, BPC

    1. Thank YOU for your positive feedback! Indeed, only pure intentions will bring about good unselfish decisions. If everyone would do this, we would have a more loving environment, a “better” world 🙂

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