An MBA student share​s success

A Boston University MBA Student shares a testimonial for Bindu Power Coach

Here is a Boston University MBA Student anonymous testimonial that shares an experience based on just a few sessions. Each one was a breakthrough to enlighten the path.

“It was and is turning out to be a tremendous trans-formative experience, and this is validated from my observations from the last 3-4 days since my first session with Bindu.

My confidence level went up significantly.

Even under extreme lousy news, I chose (so quickly) to be more confident, and the situation just turned around so magically and also though in the past I would be feeling low in confidence even from slightly adverse conditions.

My ability to hold on to the eye contact, talk to people, engage them in conversation with me, keep them excited and feel good about it.

It is really awesome and a skill I never thought I had in the past.

I just don’t know what she did to me in a good way.”

May 24

What does Bindu represent?

“A person I can go to heal my weaknesses and help me acquire strengths & the skills needed to achieve things which seem impossible.

Bindu gave me the courage to do things I had believed I can do but did not have the courage or the skills to pursue earlier.”

June 2

Boston University MBA student

Why invest in Bindu Power Coaching?

Awakening consciousness

Bindu creates each session from scratch through her star tool, applied imagination. She provides unique solutions to “impossible” problems. This creativity in meetings takes the process of inspiration to another level. It is creating original ideas that have value.

She takes the person into a reverie where they have the opportunity to experience the advanced evolution of the human brain through highly dynamic ways in which it can work.

The new vision combined with the healing of “unsatisfactory areas”  of the past, allow the person to engage in a new sense of comprehension. A new dimension of themselves in what now seems possible. One session is enough to grasp the depth of the change within. Life suddenly takes a different road. One where creative thought starts dictating your steps.

The journey with Bindu

Many of my clients were like robots at the beginning. They never knew creating a new life was possible. They learned in a certain way and firmly believed other means were not available to them. These patterns get destroyed before they can embark to live in freedom. Some other clients feel they know enough and continue their journey on their own. 

Bindu allows you to engage in the process of seeing “in your mind’s eye.” This proceeding is the essential act of imagination, “the power to bring to mind things that are not present to our senses” – like Ken Robinson defines it in the Element. Through imagination, we can visit the past, contemplate the present, and anticipate the future.

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  1. I can bear witness to the content of this testimony, since I have tried Mrs. Dadlani’s method, and I know it works.
    I congratulate and thank the person who wrote it, for sharing the experience with us.

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