Episode 3: Breaking free from attachments

Breaking free – a conscious process

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Our attachments start when we do not want to let go. For example, let’s take a look at the basement of our houses. Does this sound familiar?

How to let go of junk in our life? How to break free?

Why does this attachment happen and how to let go of the excess baggage? The enclosure comes because of our want of that particular item or that particular experience we had at that specific time. That is, we are not able to let go because we still need it in our lives. Or maybe it connects us with an experience we are craving to continue having.

What do we need to let go of our life?

This podcast gives some practical exercises on how to break free from the old way. That is, a conscious process with three useful steps:

  1. Become aware that we have an attachment.
  2. Give a name to that particular object, experience or person we are attached.
  3. Start saying goodbye and parting from that attachment.

In conclusion, it is a conscious process to slowly understand the importance of breaking free and moving forward.

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    1. Thank you dear María Pérez Ramos for your continuous positive comments and support. I put a lot of effort and time creating these podcasts and posts. So your feedback makes me happy! The space of inner freedom is indeed the one almost everyone is striving to have at some point in their lives. I intend to share the secrets of the Self while living in this fast pace world.

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