Episode 4: Enhancing the creative mind

Enhancing the creative mind. A new podcast by Bindu Dadlani on iTunes.

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Enhancing the creative mind through positive listening.

In this Podcast, Bindu talks about the importance of allocating creative time to dedicate the first minutes of the morning to creative habits. That is, in engaging and enhancing the creative mind. For example, through the reading of positive books or the practice of meditation and visualization. Hence, allowing the mind to be at a no thought space.

Creative mind to heal and put the breaks on stress.

Understanding how we respond to stress is valuable. But more meaningful is finding a creative mind that will counteract it. Over the years, researchers from Harvard Medical School have gained insight into the long-term effects of stress on health. For example, it has contributed to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and addiction. More research also suggests that chronic stress may contribute to obesity. Hence, causing people to eat more or even, to decrease sleep and exercise. Therefore, developing a creative mind is paramount.

Calming the mind

We now know through scientific research, that fear is an unconscious process taking place in the brain. Particularly in an area where it records the emotions, the amygdala. The mind needs calmness. So that the amygdala can positively interpret the images and sounds, the brain needs to store positive information. In this manner, the command center (hypothalamus) will soothe the nervous system. As a consequence, breathing and heartbeat will happen naturally.

For instance, Dr. Herbert Benson, director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, teaches practices that bring a relaxation response.

As pressures and demands bombard us every day, we need tools to pull out into clear creative mind space. The podcast gives us a few highlights on how to achieve this.

A daily practice of this technique will eventually remove fear. As it will empower the part of the brain that instills positive emotions. Because creative mindful moments instill hope and faith.

Bindu is a happiness coach. Her method helps you face the truth.

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  1. Thank you very much for this podcast and wise advice, which indeed should help us to relieve and soothe our minds everyday….
    Happiness is also a matter of habits 🙂
    Thank you also for investing so much time in helping others…

    1. Yes, as we repeat positive tasks, we develop positive habits. And, therefore, a positive mind 🙂 Happiness then follows. Thank you María for your continuous positive feedback. It truly helps to know these podcasts are helping someone out there! Keep up to date with more posts by subscribing to the Power Newsletter at http://eepurl.com/LaJq5.

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