Episode 5: How to overcome the fear​​ of the unknown

Fear of the unknown variables.

How can we overcome fear? Let us take into account the amount of information we read and perceive every day whether it is a newspaper, a magazine or an article of data — similarly, other sources of information that we get from different media which also gives us knowledge. However, how much of that knowledge we apply every day? And how positive is this information we gather? Seems like, to overcome the fear of the unknown is something we can learn if we become mindful of our actions.

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Overcome Fear of the Unknown, Podcast by Bindu.

Some examples

To overcome fear we need to understand. So let´s say you read the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, and all these beautiful magazines, and journals and articles, HBR and what not. And you enjoy positive content, but you don´t apply any of it. How can you master that information?

Overcoming fear of the unknown is something that we can learn. For example, let us take the case of a runner, who wants to run at a marathon a year, two years, five years or 10 years from today. Do you think if he learns the technique of running, but he does not practice with a positive mind, can he present himself at the marathon or even run?

For instance, let us say you want to reduce weight. And you think you will overcome the fear of the unknown process by following your doctors advice. Even your friend shares his success formula to reduce weight. Also, the article that you love shows you how to achieve it. But you put nothing into practice every day. Do you think you can reduce weight? Or above all, overcome the fear of the unknown?

The experience

So, fear of the unknown happens first, when you do not know that specific subject. And second, no application of what you think you do very well. How can you then achieve it? Indeed, it is an impossible game. Therefore, most people read books or search Google for answers. However, once they read about it, they forget. Instead, the most important step would be to implement that teaching and discover the first hand “experience.” Then, overcoming the fear of the unknown will be an easy task.

Apply what you learn

So once you have applied what you learn, it doesn´t just stay there, because you have used it once. And the fear of the unknown variables continues. Hence, the new information does not integrate enough within our system for us to master it. Thus, we need to start applying it. This process will slowly help you overcome the fear of the unknown. Even more, every day needs to be repeated, for a new positive habit to instill presence within our daily routine. Only then can we understand and master that new trait within us. At that moment the unknown will be known, and the fear will translate into awareness.

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overcome fear
Overcome fear through the experience.

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