What is ​the BPC Signature Program?

First, why?

Without a doubt, the #1 comment I hear from people is: “I wish I had ….”. Hence, my answer to them is often: Stop walking and running in circles and start now! Thus, BPC helps by offering the Signature Program through the allegory of the cave by Plato, leaving dark shadows behind. Without a doubt, this is one of our stellar coaching transformation tools.

BPC is not an expense; it is an investment.

Most of my clients have two things in common:

Immediately after each session, the healing within results in maturity. Thus, inner growth takes place.

Transformation tools within the Signature Program

In particular, it is a technique that you learn through a series of sessions. For example, they empower you from within to understand your doubts and sorrows. Each meeting allows you to deepen a part of you that is yet far away from your goal. And if you, however, do not know what your goal is, Bindu helps you find it. Besides, BPC follows a structured system that carries different types of coaching transformation tools. Hence, the end objective is to take you closer to what your soul desires.

Guide to the truth of your mission with BPC

Unquestionably, we all have come to this earth with a purpose. However, only a few discover it and carry their lives according to it. Because to find your mission, you need to let go of your many attachments. And there are several reasons why people, in general, cannot abandon their plans:

  • It is too painful to let go.
  • Attachments are so strong that one cannot leave a person or situation.
  • We think we need to continue clinging to them.

These are just a few, but according to each case, the number of reasons that a person will not let go of their attachments is innumerable. Our desire to hold on to them and dark shadows is superior to the liberation that feels letting go.

Desire binds us – a story

Let’s take the story of a monkey. To illustrate, there was a pot with sweets and a small opening. And the monkey desired to take the food in it. So he put his hand inside. But he could not take his hand out through the opening. Only on releasing the grip of sweets would the monkey be able to take its hands out. However, the desire for the food had his hands bound. In conclusion, the world today is a metaphor for this story. It is the desire that is binding us.

Signature program transformation tools

At BPC, you are guided through three significant steps. Bindu helps you to:

  • Walk your chosen path to liberation.
  • Let go of attachments. Live your life in freedom and not the one imposed by others.
  • Know whether you are getting distracted or onboard towards your goal.
Transformation Tools

In a nutshell, Bindu Coach is like a guide who within minutes can figure out your present situation and help you leap into a future that you will look back gratefully later.

The benefits of the sessions are seen with time, as each piece of the puzzle needs to fall within its place. Anticipating or hurrying a step will only disturb the natural flow of responses that your higher Self is preparing for you ahead of time 🙂

Structure of the Signature Program by Bindu

We begin with an initial consultation where, through questions, I create a real-time road map towards specific solutions that will liberate you.

The “How to”

Plato “Allegory of the Cave” (The Republic)

Several of the problems I resolve include a philosophical-scientific approach. In this signature program, you will learn a tailor-made and customized set of solutions that will take you from a dark labyrinth to an exit full of sunlight. It is like coming out of a deep cave into the light. Many of my clients, who suffered from the myth of the cavern, as explained in Plato’s allegory, are now liberated forever.

Allegory of the cave
Human beings sit in a cave, in chains, their backs to the entrance and the shadows of things are moving outside, projected by the light to a wall of the cave.

“Socrates suggests that the shadows are the reality for the prisoners because they have never seen anything else; they do not realize that what they see are shadows of objects in front of a fire, much less that these objects are inspired by real things outside the cave which they do not see.”


The cases of these men and women were associated with the metaphor of Plato in their allegory of the cave: imprisoned in darkness and enslaved, living in deception, tied through legs and neck, chained by dark shadows, absolutely convinced that the false was true. Through fire, they began a path of self-improvement. Now they are emancipated, liberated.

Leaving the allegory of the cave, facing the truth

One of the primary specialties of this signature program so far has been to help these “prisoners” ascend to the surface to help them see that the shadows that they identify with reality are false. Knowing, understanding, and feeling that they are already out on the path of light with infinite possibilities has been an immense joy.

The metaphor of the problematic reality of our time

Dark Shadows
The cases I resolve are complicated, but all who are willing to see outside the shadows of illusion, now live in freedom.

This deception of dark shadows many still suffer today, making believe what is not. The trending thought is that they have everything and are satisfied. A large part of society stays in this prison. The cases I resolve are complicated, but all who are willing to see outside the shadows of illusion, now live in freedom.

In search of the knowledge of the absolute truth,

Bindu Dadlani

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2 Replies to “What is ​the BPC Signature Program?”

  1. So is the way to truth, and therefore, to liberation…Even if it could seem unattainable or hard for many, BPC gives us very effective tools, and teaches us: how to come into the right path, how to get further, and how not to go back to the shadows (ignorance), we have been living in without knowing it.
    And moreover, once we get out of the cave and see the light (new reality) we do not want to return to the darkness (old reality), because we do not fit in anymore…
    In the second part of the allegory of the cave, the “prisoner” who escapes and discovers the sunlight (thruth), comes back to share it with the others, in order to encourage them to get out of the cave, but he is supposed to get killed by them, who fear the consequences of reaching the light, and do not want to see it…
    That is exactly how we kill the messengers who bring us the truth when we are afraid of it, so we reject it.
    There is nothing to fear in the BPC method. On the contrary, it drives us to the best ending, full of light and unexpectable positive results.
    Congratulations BPC for this descriptive as well as accurate post about your work, with such an appropriate and understandable example of the Plato´s allegory of the cave (very nice pictures too 🙂 ).

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