Phyllis Krystal Success Stories

CTTTB Method “Cutting The Ties That Bind” in Business Healing

This post contains case studies of real-life stories reflecting upon the success of the Phyllis Krystal Method, CTTTB “Cutting the Ties That Bind,” in my executive coaching work and business healing practices.

Phyllis Krystal Method – Case Studies

Case Study 1  – Male Professional

  • Name: Confidential
  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Issue/problem – stutters, lack of self-confidence, sexual obsession, disorganized, chaos.


Range of life challenges in the workplace: communication, confidence, speaking, organization.

A man in his 30´s, part of a reputable and wealthy business, has stuttering issues. So he is quiet most of the time. Further, he lives in a disorganized home with vast amounts of financial debt. As a result, he takes refuge in drugs, sex, and bad company.

The speech disorder hinders his self-esteem and belief in his capacity to lead a company. Also, he has daily intense sexual desires that he is unable to control. As a consequence, he considers committing adultery normal behavior in addition to many other similar actions.

As a child and as a growing adolescent, he is left alone without education or guidance. His parents are workaholics, and their primary occupation is running the business. As a result, they give him plenty of money and similar resources to spend on his multiple addictions. But, no respect. For example, he gets insulted publicly by his father.

How such problems become part of these series of Phyllis Krystal Method Success Stories?

As these clients learn to connect to the High C for guidance, they become free from ego control. They learn lessons in patience, forbearance, and trust.

Time under practice – Timeframe which the client visited me

A few times a year during three consecutive years.

The results are immediately visible after the first session and permanent over time. Between one meeting and the next, a month or even more can go by. Later, I get to meet a whole new dimension of the person. The issues that bother the individual initially are gone relatively fast, and we pass to the next stage. Each session is an eye opener, so the client has an opportunity to witness for themselves the results first hand.

To the majority of my clients, there is a “magical after” in their lives. They call it a re-birth. Many say they get liberated from the first session, from the karma they have carried their entire lives. They let go one by one, each unwanted layer of their personality until they feel they are okay to continue their journey.

Outcome – Details of what was achieved.

Part of the series of Phyllis Krystal success stories

As he works on a subconscious level, he starts to first, organize. Second, understand. Then, forgive. Most importantly, heal — finally, re-program. The results of the inner work are super visible. He is now a happy man whose facial expressions have changed dramatically to look even handsome. He can systematically speak for hours with excellent ideas that take the company to increased revenue streams.

All respect him in the enterprise, to the point of his signature being one of the most important ones for million dollar business deals. And he has no uncontrolled sexual desires. In this respect, he is now calm and uses this energy in more productive ways.

In conclusion, his self-confidence is healthy from within and does not need to get approval from outside authority figures to take his life to the next level. Above all, he is now an assertive speaker. Further, business healing takes place almost instantaneously as he improves his character.

Case Study 2 – Female Professional

  • Name: Confidential
  • Age: 45
  • Occupation: Services Industry
  • Issue/problem – anxiety, fear, aberrations, sexual abuse, lack of self-confidence, unable to set limits, sad, gets affected by what others say or think of her, constant feeling of lack of money, bullied, and complexed.

More Problems

The range of challenges in the workplace: Lack of self-esteem, the constant worry of not being up to the task or not be understood. Also, she did not know how to express herself. Professional limitations.

She was sexually abused by her father and other family members when she was eight years old. Important to note is that there was considerable tension about money shortages in her family regularly. She could not remember a happy childhood. Besides, her parents bullied her.

She wanted to get a raise in her job, but she found it very difficult as she could not feel she had the self-confidence needed to express her point openly. She could not talk in public and felt poorly about herself. Especially with the boss who did not make things easy for her.

Time under practice – Timeframe which the client visited me

3 sessions separated by a few months.

We worked around three times. Between the first and the second session, there was a gap of a month and a half. However, the third session took place four months later. These breaks allowed her to see the results and prepare for our next meeting. Each encounter was intense and would last around an hour and a half to two.

In her case, there was no need to work more frequently as she connected quickly with the Higher Consciousness. Before the sessions, she thought she was stupid. But after, she saw within herself her brilliant personality. In my view, she was a pure soul that needed the right tool to earn trust in herself.

Outcome – Details achieved.

Part of the series of Phyllis Krystal success stories

She heals her childhood traumas. As a result, her self-confidence increases and strengthens. She gets elevated to a higher position in the company to that of a manager in the same department where she wanted to ascend – her dream comes true.

The boss who seemed her biggest fear turns out to look out for her and support her. She earns respect professionally after healing the childhood traumas that were impeding her experience her true Self.

If you would like to read more real-life success stories using the Phyllis Krystal Method or other breakthrough cases, take a look at over 90 testimonials.

Case Study 3 – Female Child

  • Name: Confidential
  • Age: 6 ½ years
  • Issue/problem – childhood nightmares lasting two years.

She is a sensitive child to what happens outside and slightly shy.

Time under practice – Timeframe which the client visited me

Two sessions, 30 minutes each.

Outcome – Details achieved


The child was able to heal childhood nightmares suffered for years. Furthermore, the symbols learned helped her feel protected and safe. Thus, the problem disappeared.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind

Clients of varied industries and professions, learn to consult their Higher Consciousness (Hi C) as their inner guidance. And “work with it to reprogram the subconscious by bringing to consciousness old traumas so that they do not continue to block their progress. A lawyer long ago called my work “business healing” after witnessing in her skin the benefits of my coaching sessions.

Healing in Management

The Method allows for an intense process of metamorphosis to take place. The transformation is from the root of the individual. Thus, getting free from negative patterns and control. “The goal is to allow the Hi C to be our guide, instead of our own egoic conscious mind or other people. But before we can put this into practice and become instruments, we need to remove all the obstacles to that possibility.”

Use of Phyllis Krystal Symbols

As noted, during my mindfulness executive coaching sessions, I integrate the CTTTB Method, “Cutting the ties that bind.” I begin using the following symbols: Triangle of Light, Maypole, Circle of Light, Cylinder of Light, Beach Ball, Figure 8, Hour Glass, and Corridor of doors. Then, I ask them to receive different energies from the High C and to repeat, “I love me.” As clients continue liking the change within, we look into negative parental archetypes and other patterns that will liberate them from limitations and fears. Thus, adding more symbols in aiding with the needing fixing.

Removing layers that cover our true nature

However, when clients want to go even deeper, I provide them additional symbols, like the Russian Dolls (Babushka) and the Ballon, to work on embedded roles. In truth, most of us have covered our true nature with many layers that obscure who we are in the essence of our Self. Thus, the flow of the work continues according to the interest and genuine desire of each person to get liberated from the ties that bind them.

Indeed, more of Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work in this article. And about how business healing takes place in companies, here.

Sharing Phyllis Method worldwide

I met Phyllis personally many times, and she instructed me to share her Method with the world. Not only has this journey been rewarded for my clients, but especially for me, as I transformed my life from the old to the new.

The CTTTB Method “Cutting the Ties that Bind” can help anyone get free from external authority figures. And in entrepreneurial settings, it is business healing that works. I have practiced with Phyllis Krystal Method from 1997 until the present. To this end, I have worked with children from age 4 to adults of 79. And the journey continues.

“This method allows people to release all kinds of old memories, many old, outmoded customs, habits, or beliefs which can block our progress as well as block our daily contact with our Hi C. In this way we are able to take advantage of all three parts of our mind instead of just the conscious part.”

Phyllis Krystal
Phyllis Krystal Success Stories, Cutting the ties that bind
Phyllis advises Bindu to continue sharing her Method with the world.

Concluding thoughts on Phyllis Krystal Success Stories

Achieving a peaceful state of mind in men and women is an ongoing task. These success stories are just some examples of the type of problems that are solved when we connect with the Hi C for guidance. The Phyllis Krystal Method is useful because it allows you to connect with the Super Conscious Mind on a conscious level to understand the workings of your subconscious mind.

In today´s VUCA environment (short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), I notice BPC business healing helps. I integrate the Phyllis Krystal CTTTB “Cutting the ties that Bind” Method in Management. Thus, to reprogramme the subconscious minds of CEOs, high-level executives, companies, and professionals. As a result, they spread the love energy within their teams, their family, and their life in general.

Further, “Cutting the Ties that Bind” Method helps them to free themselves from stress. Besides, they learn practical time management skills. The Phyllis Krystal Method helps them to connect to the High C to be at the right time and place. Especially when making decisions.

“It is not just a method to solve problems, but a method to set us free, so that we can be part of this mission, if we choose, by allowing ourselves to be instruments of our own Hi C.”

Phyllis Krystal

Success stories require a pure heart

In conclusion, the real-life success stories mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg and proof of the effectivity of the Method when practiced with a pure heart. Thus, the business healing power sessions include similar other techniques that free the mind from past conditioning and new programming, setting the soul free.

In Search of the Knowledge of the Absolute Truth, Bindu Dadlani.

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