Dreams are possible. Our meaning to life

How often do we ask ourselves if we can achieve whatever is in our minds? Then we allow our doubting mind to take hold and drift us away from our goal. Dreams are possible, provided we listen carefully to ourselves.

Our minds can liberate us or enslave us, depending on how strong it is relative to our dreams. Achieving the life of our goals is possible only if we believe in our self. But our friend, Fear, frequently pushes us away from whatever was in our heart at that moment.

Why do we listen to Fear as opposed to Faith? Faith in our Self? Moreover, why our other friend, Doubt, has a significant position in our decision making power? Whether it is Fear or Doubt, or any similar party, it needs to go away immediately. Only then can we indeed march forward towards the life of our dreams. And these dreams are possible when we follow our inner guide.

Dreams are possible

Dreams are possible

Dreams are possible if we follow our Hearts. They can materialize when we are in touch with our essence. Sadly, the majority live in a cocoon constructed for years, following someone or something that is not their real self. This fake personality is the biggest drama that takes away the work of an artist.

When I paint, I allow my hand to move as has never before, creating something new. When I write, I let my hand dictate the road ahead while I express what is deep within my heart. Similarly, when I decide, only those actions that emanate from my heart will be relevant. To find this strength, it has taken me many years, but today I realize it is possible. With practice, dreams are possible.

If you want to live a life of meaning, start by writing your script. One that your soul will remember upon death. Then life will take the shape of your last breath.

In Search of the Absolute Truth, Bindu

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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