How to reduce the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 in your mental health

The opportunity in our hands.

The antidote to coronavirus.

More than ever, technology has played it on us. We are invaded. In this post, I will share some coronavirus antidotes that will shield you from mental distress.

Even though we live miles away, technology keeps us together.

However, also for the “bad news”, which is quite contagious.

Research has demonstrated that by listening, viewing, or talking about adverse outcomes, produces more of it. So “whoever” created this mess is gaining worldwide terrain in assuring world chaos. Thus, the coronavirus is a symbol of our lack of inner protection for years.

Every time you engage with companies that collect your data, like, for example, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, you are selling yourself free. Take a look at the interconnection of technology nowadays. It is tough to live or do business without giving away data. First, they offer it for free. Then, you lock down to their service, whether because of need, obligation, or just the ignorance of following the herd.

It is essential to know what you truly want out of life. Otherwise, you confine yourself to company´s supply order. Your precise demands will define what you accept or not accept when options are available. If you are not clear as to what is your path, goal, or destination, that is when invaders will take the seat of your throne.

How to stay calm during coronavirus crisis

COVID-19 antidote for mental health

“All weakness, all bondage is imagination…Do not weaken!… Stand up and be strong! That is all the religion I know. Never be weak. You must be strong: you have infinite strength within you.”

Swami Vivekananda

My advice in times like this is the following:

Maintain your center

To keep your inner aligned, there are several practices you can do: exercise, meditate, pray, sing, play a musical instrument, dance, read a book. Engaging in social media will again take you to the core of the problem because the news is sensational and will increase the fear ten fold, so they get more audience.

Keep your talk to a minimum

Especially if it is regarding the coronavirus topic. If you keep talking about the dis-ease with others, you intensify the energy contained worldwide. Don’t participate by adding more fire within and outside.

Look at the positives

Even in down times like now there are many positive aspects you can draw from this experience. For each person will be different. Try to find out which are those for you and focus on them. It will divert your attention from negative news, negative talk, and negative consequences. Thinking positive has the power to heal our minds, bodies, and hearts.

Pray for the welfare of the world

This practice is beneficial even in the absence of coronavirus. The more we think of other´s wellbeing, the more we are aiding in traits like compassion, solidarity, and love. Thinking of others and seeing us in others is a great way of developing a heart with compassion. Lately, the upsurge habits of consumerism were having the population forget the importance of developing virtues.

Use this time wisely

The majority of clusters are now closed. You have the golden opportunity to focus on your Self. There are almost no distractions to take this time away from you. It is in your power to decide if you want to follow the news, the negative happenings around the world, or to put your attention in your soul. At the time of death, it is all that will matter. How your state of mind will be aligned to your soul. The rest are only projections of you. Even what is happening now has been created by man. For example, in China, a game like the spread of this virus was created. Thus, happening what is occurring now in the world. What we think, we create. Let us think positive.

Don’t get entangled in other people’s drama

During moments like this, the majority of people create tension out of the situation they read, watch, or listen. The fear factor grows, and when you talk to them you enter into the same energy. This is a big whole. Try your best to stay tuned to your Self. Then, situations will be crystal clear to you. The truth will manifest.

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” 

John F. Kennedy

I have my theory of what is happening, which I prefer to keep it to myself. But the above advice is constructive if you want to stay mentally stable and safe from the so-called coronavirus.

Coronavirus antidote in hot spots areas

If you are in one of those countries where the coronavirus has affected a significant portion of the population and you are locked down, do not be sad or fearful. Instead, build your inner muscles to overcome this momentum. Disasters never anticipate their arrival. We need to be ready. Take this time to prepare for this one and any others to come. Prepare a list of what YOU in your situation could have done. Moreover, what you could do now. And in the future, to pass through events like this.

Above all, LEARN from this experience like a witness. Do not get entangled in the emotional turmoil that is going on. If you too fall, how can you help others? To become a positive instrument in a world that is falling, you need to stay strong and healthy to overcome problems of all sorts. At this point, it is not only the physical consequences of coronavirus but also the mental anguish people are going through, which is even more contagious. And this fear, along with the placebo effect, can continue creating the world we see today. Use these coronavirus antidote practices to stabilize your mind.

Keep your attention away from the word coronavirus

Further, for years now, the gaming industry has introduced violence and disease. We are now witnessing the results of a human-made problem. The more we engage with the problem, the more significant it becomes. Thus, take your attention away and try to stay “inside” while the storm passes, and we are back to a “normal world.” Such practices will act as coronavirus antidote.

These are just my personal views and practices to stay calm despite what is happening outside. I cannot control others or other behaviours or decisions, but I can control myself. And one way I have come to learn to go over disasters is by staying inside, true to my soul. Quiet. Tranquil. Knowing this too shall pass. There is no reason to fear if we are instilled in FAITH.

“In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.”

Swami Vivekananda

Moreover, try to stay busy constructively while this situation gets over. You can only do what is “in your area of control.” The rest, SURRENDER, keep building inner strength, and face fearless whatever comes.

In search of the knowledge of the absolute truth,

Bindu Dadlani

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  1. Congratulations Bindu Dadlani for your clear vision, and constant contribution to our ‘mental health & inner peace’ in a context of truth…, bringing wisdom, light, and stability to the stage…

  2. Pues sí. Tenemos que aprovechar este momento valioso que estamos teniendo conectando con nosotros mismos y ser positivos ❤️💪 Claramente un mensaje del Universo

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