COVID-19 Healing in the Iron Age

A healing method that works

The pandemic has changed the planet. And the lack of preparedness has stagnated businesses as usual. Thus, the devastation in capitalism is brutal. However, also on mental and physical health. This post will share how BPC can help during COVID-19 or any other tumultuous moment in the life of a person or a company. Besides, this signature program has been healing people and companies with a success rate of 100% and up. Professionals benefit tenfold from this kind of therapy that alters the levels of the heart and the mind to superconscious levels. It is business healing in the iron age.

A coaching method for the seeker of truth

Recorded on 18th October 2019 during the Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference in Boston.

COVID-19 Healing in the Iron Age.

The inner game

The process involves detecting the hole. More often than not, the person is not aware of their ego-based problems. And when these are executives in positions of power, their response rate to making changes is low. We need to begin at their empathy or listening abilities.

I have had clients working with me consecutively for many years. They have advanced at rocket levels. However, they still have a long way to go. The foundation is yet to reach the levels of their desired state of mind. And only those who are humble in their approach can achieve their chosen success. The iron age ( age of quarrel and strife) gets more challenging when they don’t have resources to quiet their emotions.

healing during COVID-19, healing in the iron age

Increasing your emotional intelligence, EQ

My expertise lies in increasing the intelligence of a person at any given level. Whether it is mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, they decide the goal they want to pursue. My job is to help them achieve those levels. The inner work is silent and ever-evolving. Moreover, it is in continuous innovation. Thus, it is very effective during COVID-19, as it heals the inner core of the individual from within.

There is a plenty of opportunist people wanting to make a buck from the weakness of society today and selling without values. A large portion of the population feels now lost, and can easily fall prey. However, there is another portion that is looking for truth and light. I am addressing them.

Healing health, relationships, and finances

As I have mentioned in previous posts throughout these years, I can heal a person as a whole. For example, from their thought patterns, to their daily habits, to their finances, relationships, incomes, and health. The list of resolved cases and problems are in the thousands, and it keeps increasing by the day. The results are impressive, and it intensifies with purity. More often than not, people are contaminated, and many do not even know it.

Business healing and transforming emotions. Fear into faith

How does this apply to today’s current COVID-19 situation? Well, many are in a state of fear. Others in anger. Different emotions are amounting to enormous emotional damage that is affecting their surroundings. And this will continue for some time as people were already in a state of inner emergency. My role in the game of life is to help heal from within as a whole. I help restore the old to start awakening to a new life.

COVID-19 Healing in the Iron Age

The following newly released eBooks touch upon the golden age and effective methods on how to break with authority figures and control factors.

Business healing solutions to mental and health problems

If you are interested in a custom made solution to any given inner problem, write to me. You can also book directly:

Initial Consultation Special COVID-19

This initial consultation awakens consciousness. Duration: 30 minutes.


Essentially, my goal is to take your life to your chosen happiness. I help you leverage the apparent chaos towards a meaningful present.

I wish you the best in the new earth generated as we live.

In search of the knowledge of the absolute truth,

Bindu Dadlani

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