How can you live in the now?

Hours turn into days and days into weeks. Then, weeks into months and months into years. By the time you realize, you passed mid-life or old age. Are we ready to die? How can you live in the now, in the present moment? Are you emotionally stable?

This kind of introspection was the question in my mind when Covid-19 started. I saw around me a lot of fear. However, to me, it was just facing death through disease. Also, because I believed in destiny, I knew that I would die when I was meant to and not before or after. Media and news have an objective: to take you away from faith into fear to get you reading their “news.”

“Newspapers of today is waste paper of tomorrow.”

Sathya Sai Baba

Today’s post will center around the notion of the present moment as the most crucial time you have in your hands. Despite many of us knowing this, we engage in conversations or occupations that take away our mindful practice.

6 tips for living in the present moment

If you would like to live in the present moment, follow these simple practices:

  • Become aware of what you are doing in this present moment, even while reading this post. Is this what you want to do with your precious time? Be where your soul desires.
  • Is your attention focused on one area, or are you trying to multitask? Staying present means giving your 100% wherever you are.
  • Are your short-term goals aligned with your long-term goals? Make sure you revise this sheet regularly.
  • What is your constant daily thought? If you were to die today, would you like this thought to be the last one? What you think you become.
  • Be happy and connect with the now. If you remove the past and the future, it is a unique moment in your life.
  • Do not judge others. Each individual goes through a series of events, many times traumatic, that make them who they are today.

Our breath helps us stay present

Time is a limited resource. Like someone recently said so wisely, “we breathe around 21.600 times a day, but breath is the only thing we cannot share with anybody.” As a gift, each one of us has, how are we using it? Research shows that breathing techniques can help combat anxiety and insomnia. Also, it helps us focus, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, regulates the heart rate, and improves digestion. Moreover, it has great benefits on the skin.

Therefore, to live in the now, conscious breathing is essential. There are many more benefits to breathing that, combined with regular exercise, can help us stay emotionally stable and physically healthy. I would even go further and say that mindful breathing sets the base for a healthier emotional mind to face challenges in our personal and professional life. Because at the end of the day, if we are emotionally stable, we create a more robust immunological system that pushes away any disease.

At BPC, we believe that the mind creates 100 % of physical and mental issues. Therefore, we work on them at the root level to heal the disease in the brain, body, or soul.

Living in the now is being present. Thus, at this very moment, without reacting to the past or thinking about the future. It is bringing your attention to the present moment whichever this present presents itself to you. The more you practice, the more natural death becomes, when the time arrives, and you need to depart.

In search of the knowledge of the Absolute Truth,


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