My inner journey with Bindu after 10 Power Sessions

Another truthful testimonial

In today’s post, I share results from my client in Luxembourg, who has generously allowed me to publish his experience after ten power sessions. Although one session is enough to view an immediate change in our state of mind, those who resiliently work on an inner level and regularly do the homework obtain a reward. I hope the following reading is useful to comprehend some of the possible results through these sessions.

I asked him, “Would you be so kind as to write me a review/testimonial of your journey with me during these ten power sessions?.” What follows is a question-answer format that will provide you a glimpse of the benefits of these power sessions. However, only those who experience it first hand can understand the depth of the inner work.

Frequently we are not happy because someone has devalued our self. But when we remember who we are, our self-esteem grows to the point of realizing we can achieve anything, provided we have a belief in our self. The sessions allow each person to connect with that part of themselves that is positive, loving, and above all, powerful.

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Results from Power Sessions

What do you feel you have achieved and learned? I feel that I have to « support more myself by living according to the guidance of my feelings, intuition – my voice within.»

Have these sessions helped you solve your problems? Yes, these ten sessions have really helped me to solve largely my problems.

How have you changed? I have changed in the sense that I focus less on my negative issues.

What type of changes has surprised you? The type of change which has surprised me most was the significant reduction in physical pain following the exchanges we had at the psychological level. 

Which areas of your life have shifted the most? I have more confidence in myself, and I « accept myself (more) the way I am.»

Where has your mind reached? My mind got « higher ,» more positive, I doubt myself less.

Would you recommend these power sessions to others? Without any doubt, but the relatively high price of a session could be a problem for many persons.

In one or two sentences, how would you define sessions with Bindu? The sessions with Bindu are very interesting because Bindu is a very human and sensitive person, in addition, she is very nice, and her laugh is very pleasant and catchy. 

Do you feel these sessions were well prepared? All the sessions were well prepared, and a few minutes after each session, Bindu mails you your homework because she is very serious.

Before working with you, I was very critical of the judgments I made of other people. I was often afraid to disappoint the people with whom I concerned myself. But you taught me to trust myself more. This is why I no longer automatically judge myself negatively and apologize in advance 😊.

Gérard, Luxembourg

Power sessions allow for physical pain to disappear and self-confidence to grow.

Thank you Gérard, it was always a pleasure to work with you. Only a few understand the depth of my work, and you were undoubtedly one of them. Without even knowing me, you trusted me. I am delighted the pains have reduced, and your self-confidence increased. Health is our most significant wealth.

Kind regards

Bindu Dadlani, Power Coach with Conscience

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