Know thyself during isolation

Use Covid-19 to know yourself.

When we isolate ourselves, we might go through the challenge of not improving from where we left. However, if we use that same isolation to inquire within and go deep inside, we will find the stuff we did not know about ourselves. Therefore, find inspiration to spend time alone, especially outdoors, and check your goals, intentions, and desires. Besides, ensure you encounter the emptiness that breaks you and makes you once you have understood your life’s motivation. In brief, to know ourselves becomes eye-opening when we are in tune with our soul. Thus, know thyself during isolation.

As time goes by, I become aware of these critical moments. Hence, those spent with ourselves. Somehow, the impressions never go away from our memory as they build what later becomes our decisions’ backbone. And as we strengthen this area within, we become stronger over people that might even deny our “raison d’être.”

Emptiness inside

There is an emptiness we can all feel in our solar plexus when we are around people who do not add value to our inner lives. However, we need to connect with our inner reservoir of wisdom for this awareness to happen. But the majority are wasting energy in vain pursuits that will add zero value at the moment of death. Therefore, know thyself as an investment in your soul. When leaving this earth, it is all that matters.

Know Thyself

I invite you to quietly listen to what your heart says and act upon it. You will find a fantastic sensation. Moreover, a thrilling moment, if I may say, that will fill you. Because as we move in the world, the emptiness gets bigger. But as we walk in our inner world, the same void disappears.

I notice how those people not interested in knowing the truth in their minds and hearts try to get busy with distractions or outward business. Looking within is probably too scary and painful. Especially if you suddenly realize you have spent your life in the wrong direction.

My job as a power coach is to help you know thyself and track your karmic work in a world concerning your soul. After figuring this out, I help you design a unique road map to achieve your “raison d’être.”

In search of the absolute truth,

Bindu Dadlani

GPS to my goals

Ensuring I am headed in the right direction to achieve my most profound dreams and aspirations.


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