The ultimate guide to success.

Connecting to the Source.

The majority of people are worried because they lack self-confidence. Fear reigns their life in quest of finding what they are looking for. They do not realize that if they turn to the Source and surrender, the Supreme Intelligence will take care of everything. Just like my dream in the mountains and precipice. A higher power has been carrying me all the while. Even though I knew it, the pain was extreme, and the faith was hard to keep. Practice is what made my belief stronger. Each step of the way allows me to turn more and more to my Source, my only guide, and the lamp of wisdom. Going from loneliness and lack of support to faith and surrender is a big step, which I teach. As long as you connect to the Source, you will be fine.

The world’s distractions.

Most people have connected to themselves during some part of their lives. However, they lose this connection as they entangle themselves into the world’s issues. This world bewitching Maya will never allow you to be at peace. You can find peace within, and acquiring this skill requires many years of practice and sacrifice.

However, most people practice something entirely different. For example, dressing up, meeting other people, talking and mingling, watching tv, social media, texting, addictions of all sorts to evade oneself from the problem, etc. Very few turn to the Source as the ultimate guide.

The ultimate guide to faith.

The ultimate guide to faith is within. The more we connect, the more we are guided. The more we practice, the more we understand. It is as simple as learning any other skill. As the muscles get accustomed, the body then does it automatically. Someone is watching our every little effort. He knows who and what. He knows who is following truth and dharma.

Of 24 hours in a day, how much time do we dedicate to the essential goal of life, viz a viz the absolute knowledge, the search for truth, the practice of truth from the very core of our being? If we are longing to merge, it needs to be a genuine desire that requires devotion and many other attributes of renunciation and sacrifice. As we enter the world, we can get contaminated, thereby forgetting the real aim. When this happens, our steps are wrongfully acted upon, in the wrong direction, or at least not in the one that will take us to liberation.

To follow our road towards our destination, the road less traveled, requires a lot of perseverance, patience, peace within, and calm waters of desire. There is a cluttered path directing us to the wrong destination if there is a cluster of negative thoughts.

Decluttering my life as connecting to the Source.

I can see how in my life, I have been decluttering since I was a young child, everything from drawers, rooms, and papers. And till today is a never-ending story. We often tend to collect many things at home, and the bigger the house, the bigger the mess and the clutter to prioritize. Till yesterday I felt this clutter was a symbol of me not being contained in my head, like still having many desires. Today, as I write these notes, I realize that I might have an important reminder as a symbol to unclutter and liberate myself in one life. The clutter never ends, and the organization always starts again, as a symbol of me uncluttering different areas of my life.

Some people might hardly have anything in their homes. They might throw everything they don´t need. But in their minds, there is still a lot of clutter, which stays untouched. The grace of the Absolute might not be present to remove the “unseen” clutter. In my case, I create chaos to unclutter. As I do this organization exercise, I am allowing to be shown what I need to remove from my life. Also, what I need to clean and organize, and have it disappear from the unseen space directly correlated with the seen.

Connecting to the Source, the ultimate guide to success, superhero power
As long as you connect to the source, you will be fine.

My Superhero in action.

I have been doing this work since I was a child. So I was a searcher long before I knew it and intuitively performed it in my life. I did not allow others to rule over me, which is what caused many differences with elders. But as time passes, I now realize that this was the karma I chose to allow the hero within me to shine forth a new person in search of freedom for liberation.

As years pass by and I gain the self-confidence, I never had before, and as I see how the planet within me is weakened with less and fewer effects over my mind, the superhero power that was always within me shines now and more. If I could bear this planet for more than 18 years, I can now, without the planet, achieve the impossible. This is why I think I am achieving excellent results with clients almost immediately.

Change in action.

There is too much information in the world. Also, there are more and more people to feed, shelter, and dress. However, resources are suffering from scarcity. Therefore, real truthful individuals are needed to bring about change in the world. We need help, but help comes from an unconditional heart and love, one that proclaims no want, desire, or award. One that is self-less.

Bindu tries to attain this state for her and others. In her quest of working daily on this aim, she slowly advances to higher levels from where she starts and takes others with her.

Truth cannot change because you think you have done something. Truth is permanent and unchangeable. The rest is Maya and ego.

Focus on your message, your message imbibed within your truth.

Some say controlling emotions is easy. Others say it is one of the most challenging tasks. My experience tells me that if we have tools to cope with it, it is relatively easy. Nonetheless, we need significant amounts of perseverance and patience in a process that is in itself tedious. Connecting to the Source is vital.

In Search of the Knowledge of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

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