Essential techniques to awaken your true nature.

BPC is not an expense. It is an investment.

In this post, I will share critical techniques that BPC uses to help you awaken to your true nature. I will also emphasize how to achieve this focus through truth and the power of coaching. My job as a coach is to awaken consciousness. Thus, help you unveil the abilities that are dormant in you so you can achieve maximum potential.

Some techniques to awaken to your true nature

Let me set some reminders for those who have not worked with BPC (Bindu Power Coaching):

  1. The method helps you hone your verbal and communication skills.
  2. It enables you to reprogram your brain to higher heights.
  3. It guides you to remove blockages.
  4. It picks flaws as a starting point towards a custom tailor-made session where clients learn to communicate.

What other techniques to awaken to your true nature does BPC implement?

BPC helps in instilling integrity. More often than not, people lie to feel they fit in. They do not even realize that they lie. Because it is better for them to feel they fit in than to feel they are not doing what others expect. This pattern travels with their personality throughout their lives. And this trait is invisible to their eye.

The drawback of this habit is that it does not allow you to be yourself. When you are actively trying to be someone you are not, you create a habit of lying to yourself. And this is the opposite of awakening consciousness. This disguised action takes you away from your true nature. Instead, a technique to awaken to your true nature is speaking the truth from the core of your being. Whichever it is, it will take you to the one reality that you are.

Moreover, this habit eventually will make you strong. And even though you might look weak initially – because you will portray the truth about yourself, which may or may not be likable to you – you will emerge stronger. This change of gears is what some call self-confidence. Hence, confidence in your Self, and not in the fake reality created to satisfy your senses.

We have to know what to shoot for to focus and simplify our lives. 

The more we practice living in truth, the more we can focus on what truly matters to us. And this is a crucial technique to awaken to our true nature.

It amazes me when people copy others and even try to live the lives of others. These individuals are empty as they have no center to focus on because they have lived other people’s lives their entire existence. Even if they realize this truth, they cannot access the deepest part of themselves as layers of untrue personality mostly cover it.

In my book, I give some glimpses and techniques to awaken to your true nature. For me, it was a lifelong quest. Since childhood, I would make sure I would only live by this, even if that meant not getting along with my loved ones. But this resilience requires us to be very strong and independent because, more often than not, if we do not abide by what those who have a higher power of authority mandate us, we are left alone.

Another of the critical points I work with my clients is communicating what they mean. Thus, cutting the extra layers of unnecessary information. Because when they speak, very often they deviate from their point, losing their argument. This tendency happens most of the time, especially with professionals. Even though they are well versed and have plenty of degrees, their minds contain too much information, polluting their understanding of simple concepts.

techniques to awaken, awakening to our true nature, focus, truth
Awaken to your True Nature

Saying no, another technique to awaken to our true nature

Saying no repeatedly to the unimportant things flying in our direction every day and remaining focused on saying yes to the few things that truly matter, like Warren Buffet said, is key in keeping the focus. I use different techniques in my power coaching sessions to allow this simple action to take place.

"People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills...There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind...So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself."

- Marcus Aurelius

I strongly urge you to look at your surroundings and evaluate for yourself if what you have or whom you have around you is worth the while. You can use these techniques to awaken consciousness. Often, people are with you because they want something in return. Very few are genuine well-wishers.

In search of the knowledge of the absolute truth,


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