What are you creating, peace or pieces?

Most people do not have peace within themselves. Instead, they break their inner world with heart-closing thoughts. What could be a beautiful life is a puzzle with unknown pieces. Some men and women have even lost those pieces, and therefore their peace. Thus, their whereabouts are unknown to even their closest friends and family.

These kinds of isolated victims try to supplement their lack of inner peace and direction with material possessions. It is like the drug that augments having to face reality. However, these are short-lasting to their inner quest for peace and happiness. Sooner or later, they confront their hidden truth, which they need to cover with another drug. Unaware of the real cause of distress, they continue consuming what will only take away their money, health, and energy. Some even get into more profound and multiple addictions.

Shielding reality

There is one constant pattern throughout the years: an extensive expense column without creating asset-generating income. Thus, most people are moved by their wants, especially those they cannot achieve—most of the time, even forgetting to appreciate what they have. This tendency makes people waste time, money, energy, and a sense of direction. Moreover, they fail to take into account what is most important to them. The reality hides as they use limiting beliefs as guideposts, acting as a shield to what truly matters. The world’s distractions deviate their senses, and when not stopped on time, they get lost in the myriad of unimportant things.

Steps to join your pieces and regain your peace

My advice to them is the following:

  • Take hold of yourself
  • Leave toxic company
  • Get help and advice from family
  • Revise your actions
  • Get professional help
  • Decide to change
  • Change your track to one that is virtuous
  • Implement human values in your day-to-day
  • Make daily checks on your thought patterns

Once you are on the right track:

  • Keep good company 
  • Re-check you are on the right track
  • Know what you want
  • Go for it
peace or pieces

Peace amidst the chaos

Most get lost in what others want or what society wants of them. They are deeply lost, and the light that could be coming their way is not visible due to darkness immersion.

In addition, tv commercials, social media, and all kinds of push marketing are only guiding them in the wrong direction, creating an even greater sense of need. And remember, the rich are those who need the least. So this bucket of people are poor, and the more they get into debt to satisfy the needs of their desires or society, the poorer they become. If, in addition, they have toxic company around, that is a lifelong death bed.

If you find yourself in this kind of buckle, come out immediately before it is too late. Then, you will join the pieces to regain your peace.

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