How to stay centered

In this post, I will share a few tips on staying centered no matter what is happening around you. I often hear clients complaining about time slipping through their hands. However, we all have 24 hours. It is how we use this precious time that matters. The majority have not practiced saving time, so they spend it without awareness of its repercussions.

The first step to staying centered is staying aware of your present moment, surroundings, and time demands.

The second step I recommend is dedicating time to that which is urgent over what is essential. So taking some time to discern between the two is vital.

Thirdly, while going back to numbers one and two, making sure they align with our goals is critical, or we may lose precious time in what will not deliver to our soul.

How to stay centered

Stay centered to learn and achieve mastery over your senses. The majority find it difficult to avoid distraction. Hence, strong minded people invade those weaker than them, and intense people waste time manipulating and strategizing instead of letting go. Either way, it is a waste of time and energy, many times even money.

If there is one takeaway from today’s post, it is to stay centered on the one goal you want to achieve in your life. If this is an unknown variable, spend time finding this.

Do not sell your life to those who think you have to. Instead, buy your time to live the life of your dreams. This does need validation. Stay on track with your soul. Then, your feelings will communicate to you the degree to which you are involved with your Self.

Stay centered amid the chaos and watch the results.

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